Wishlist Wednesday – May

where did it go

It’s true, I haven’t posted a Wishlist Wednesday since 2015! The last time I posted one of these I still lived at home and I thought now that I have a pinterest full of things I want to save up and buy for, it would be fun to go back to creating these sometime.

Of course, most of these products are going to be natural and ethical products, but there will also be a lot of “ADULT” things here (I mean like…you know…vacuums, and other fun life-changing things).



Canon 5mm f/1.8 Lens: Of anything on this, this is the next big thing that I’m saving up for. By saving I mean, I’m not, I’m just staring at it longingly without trying to budget my way to buying it. But if I’ve learned anything the last few months is that good equipment is an incredible investment. Once I get my savings to where I want it, this will be my next purchase.

AGOLDE Classic Jeans: I’m never going to buy these simply because I’ll probably buy my jeans from ebay before I drop $200, but these are from a great ethical brand and I think they’re super cute!

PureGuardian Essential Oil Diffuser: I just started getting into essential oils and considering I’m not sure how to mix or dilute them really properly for my skin, I think getting a diffuser would be a big help. This one is a bit expensive but you can find some for about $25. I have a warm oil right now that smells of oranges that I really love so eventually I’ll pick this up for good vibes.

Snake Plant: I’m obsessed with plants right now as you guys can tell, this is just another one that I’ve been eyeing because my family used to own one of these and it really brings back the mems. I don’t have room right now for another larger plant, but if I ever get more items for our deck, I like this one a lot!

Kingdom Hearts Coasters: My roommate bought the new Kingdom Hearts Collection a few weeks ago and resparked my love for this series. I remember playing this game clearly as a kid and it really added to my love for Disney. These are super cute and considering all our furniture is pretty much wood, I use coasters all the time.

Stasher Reusable Silicone Bags: I really hate using Ziploc bags because it’s a waste of plastic and money so I’ll probably pick these up pretty soon. They can be put in the microwave, dishwasher, and frozen so they can hold pretty much any food!

Rock Steady Bugle Skirt in Plum: I don’t have a link for this one because I actually ended up buying it from ebay. I have this skirt in an olive color and it’s my favorite skirt to wear. It’s the perfect length and fit, I just wish it had pockets. I bought mine for about $40-50 and it retails for $54. I bought this plum one for $30 with shipping. This isn’t the exact color but it’s close.

Fidget Cube: The one I linked to is a knock-off just so you’re aware. The original one that was created costs about $30, but I’m not really willing to spend that much for this at the moment. So I’ll try the knockoff and see how it works. I only spent $2.40 so if it breaks I’ll invest in a better one later. My roommate has one and I feel like it would help me a lot while reading because I tend to bite at my nails a lot when reading. If it even helps with that, it’ll be worth it.

Mefoto TripodI think I have posted this in a Wishlist Wednesday before but I still really need a new one. Mine is pretty cheap and old and I would like to get something small to bring to the parks for a few photos. This one is pretty expensive so I’ll have to save up for a bit.

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