The Impossible List

do more think less

Hey guys! Welcome to my Impossible List page! I got this idea from the CIG podcast talking with Joel Runyon from Impossible HQ. I’ve already done so much that I am excited about in life (IE. Moving 1,200 miles to Orlando, moving in with my bffs, working my dream role at Disney), but there is also so much more I want to do at 24. This is my list of Impossible Ideas that aren’t so impossible. Crazy things that I want to do just for the heck of it and some things that would really help my career.

I will be marking things off (hopefully) as I go along and will continue to update what goals I’m really working on.

currently working

as of august 2017

Publish 50 Videos on my Youtube Channel (Currently at 41 Vlogs/Videos)

Practice Yoga Everyday for 100 Days 

Read 25 Pages Everyday for 100 Days 

the impossible list

Professional Goals:

Create a Video for Soul Pancake

Become a Trainer at Disney

  • Become a Facilitator with Disney
  • Move to a PT/FT Training CM
  • Work for Disney Parks Blog

Create a Youtube Channel  (Kayla J.)

  • Publish 50 Videos
  • Publish 100 Videos
  • Gain 100 Subscribers
  • Gain 500 Subscribers

Become Fluent in Spanish

Create and Maintain College/lifestyle Blog after graduation

  • Make 200 Posts
  • Make 300 posts

Have one of my photos featured on a published novel

Publish my photos in a magazine

Invest in Stocks with Betterment (Start Date: Dec. 4th, 2017)

Habit Goals:

Read 25 Pages Per Day for 100 Days

Read Graphics Related Articles Once Per Week

Watch a Skillshare Class once per week

Practice Yoga everyday for 100 Days

Creative Goals:

Learn to play the piano

  • Learn to Play all Ben Rector Albums

Skill Goals:

Learn Archery

Learn Ballroom Dance

Learn to Snowboard

Go Wakeboading

Learn to Surf

Learn to Scuba Dive

Learn Inverted Pose for Yoga

Fun Goals:

Read 1000 books on Goodreads

Live in the UK for at least a year

Leave a $50 Tip

Leave a $100 Tip

Meet JK Rowling

Adopt a dog

Volunteer at an animal center and children’s center

Attend a Broadway Show in NY

Rock Climb Indoors

  • Freehand

Adventure Roulette (Have a hostess buy my plane ticket and adventure one day)

Cross Country Road Trip

Visit Every Disney Park

Get into Club 33 at Disney






D23 Expo

Travel Goals:




New Zealand

Niagra Falls