Impossible List

The Impossible List

do i practice what i preach?

I wrote a post back in 2015 about my own Impossible List which you can read HERE. Recently I went back to Kansas to visit my family for a week and anytime I travel I suddenly get the urge to DO MORE. I think it’s because a airport is bustling with working people and I spend most of it reading, watching classes, or the like. The idea of moving from place to place, having a schedule of things to do also gets me more motivated.

While I was home I watched a variety of videos on Skillshare which I currently had a free trial for. I watched multiple videos on iphone photography and DSLR photography and suddenly realized I wasn’t learning or implementing anything new into my life. After I returned home I started working harder at advancing in my job and my hobbies.

2015 impossible

I was relistening to Joel Runyon’s interview on the CIG podcast where he talks about his Impossible List, and I realized I never checked back on mine. Or updated it to where I am now: Living in Orlando, working for Disney. So, what have I actually accomplished? You can read my entire list at the post linked above, but the things that I did finish were as followed:

Fitness Goals:

Run 2 half marathons in 2015  (Disney Wine & Dine + Joplin Memorial Half)

Professional Goals:

Create and own my own domain (Obviously, you’re reading it!)

Create Self-Portrait Portfolio  (Technically, have a full portfolio on Wix HERE)

Create and publish an Iphone App (Created a portfolio App in 2015 in Web Design, not for public)

Land an internship for Summer 2015 (Created Graphics for the Library)

  • Work or Intern at Disney in graphics  (Photopass Photographer starting 2016)

Graduate College

  • Graduate with 3.5gpa or higher (2015)

Graduate School with no debt  (2015)

Create and Maintain College/lifestyle Blog after graduation

  • Make 50 posts
  • Make 100 posts (Currently @ 170)

Habit Goals:

Brush and Floss twice a day for 30 days

Creative Goals:

Maintain a College/Information Tumblr + posts (

2017 Impossible

I am actually fairly surprised at the amount that I did accomplish in two years, though there were a lot of goals that were left undone. I’ve decided to update this list for the new year and create an entire page on my site dedicated to it which you can find HERE. But for the posts sake, this is what I’ve deemed now that I’ve become independent in life!

Professional Goals:

Create a Video for Soul Pancake

Become a Trainer at Disney

  • Become a Facilitator with Disney
  • Move to a PT/FT Training CM
  • Work for Disney Parks Blog

Create a Youtube Channel  (Kayla J.)

  • Publish 50 Videos (2017)
  • Publish 100 Videos
  • Gain 100 Subscribers
  • Gain 500 Subscribers

Become Fluent in Spanish

Create and Maintain College/lifestyle Blog after graduation

  • Make 200 Posts
  • Make 300 posts

Have one of my photos featured on a published novel

Publish my photos in a magazine

Invest in Stocks with Betterment

Habit Goals:

Read 50 Pages Per Day for 100 Days

Read Graphics Related Articles Once Per Week

Watch a Skillshare Class once per week

Practice Yoga everyday for 100 Days

Creative Goals:

Learn to play the piano

  • Learn to Play all Ben Rector Albums

Skill Goals:

Learn Archery

Learn Ballroom Dance

Learn to Snowboard

Go Wakeboading

Learn to Surf

Learn to Scuba Dive

Learn Inverted Pose for Yoga

Fun Goals:

Read 1000 books on Goodreads

Live in the UK for at least a year

Leave a $50 Tip

Leave a $100 Tip

Meet JK Rowling

Adopt a dog

Volunteer at an animal center and children’s center

Attend a Broadway Show in NY

Rock Climb Indoors

  • Freehand

Adventure Roulette (Have a hostess buy my plane ticket and adventure one day)

Cross Country Road Trip

Visit Every Disney Park

Get into Club 33 at Disney






D23 Expo

Travel Goals:




New Zealand

Niagra Falls

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