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Hey guys, I’m back today because I recently purchased the Target “Natural” Beauty box from their site. As of late I hadn’t been really doing subscription boxes, just because the waste of products seemed unecessary and since I was steering towards more healthy and natural products, I didn’t want brands that I knew I disliked.

However, Target recently put out their own “natural” beauty box and after looking at a few of the items, I decided to give it a shot. Something that’s been on my mind lately after listening to some podcasts is brands habits of trying to “greenwash” their products. Meaning they make them seem more natural or environmentally friendly with catch words when in reality they’re not much different from any other brands.

That’s not cool and some brands, like Tarte, I’ve learned really don’t have much going for them in the sustainable community. However, looking at a few of the brands in the box, I thought I would give it a try. I usually use Goodguide to debate and decide on certain products, so I will list the rating for each of these as I go…so long as they have them. So let’s get into the box!


The first thing that I noticed with this box, is that instead of the usual white box it came in, this one came in a more card-board, recycled material-looking box. However, there was no information specifically on the box marking it as made out of recycled materials, nor was there online. Things like this can still be recycled so make sure you do, but I think they did this purely for the natural aesthetic.

The box came with a sheet with a list of all the products inside (which you know before you buy it) and at the bottom includes a $3 off $15 beauty purchase. This is particularly good because I need to replace some facewash that is $10 alone. The paper itself just gives a short tidbit of info on the products.

product #1 Shea moisture

Kukui Nut Facial Cream Cleanser + Face & Neck Cream 

Shea Moisture

So, I love Shea Moisture. I currently use their Black African Soap Bubble Bath and face mask and it does wonders for relaxing me. My skin feels so soft and it keeps the redness out of my face so I was happy to get a Shea Moisture sample. I couldn’t find any info on Goodguide about this product specifically, but I did find some about the Alba Botanicals Kukui Nut Cream and it was given a 4/10, which isn’t too great.

Looking at the ingredients, this also includes  Glyceryl Stearate and Stearyl Alcohol which helped give the Alba Botanicals a bad rating because of the harm it can cause when used. It also includes fragrance, which I would prefer to eliminate lately.

These samples are both 5ml each and you can get the full size 4oz here. Considering the math, these samples cost about 16 cents each.  Shea Moisture is also Cruelty Free.

product #2 Juice organics

Juice Organics “Deluxe-Size” Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Juice Organics Juice Organics Product

I’ve never heard of Juice Organics so I was interested to try this one. I also couldn’t find anything from Goodguide, but looking at the ingredients, I don’t see anything absolutely horrible. Of course, I can’t remember every bad ingredient in a beauty product so make sure to check for yourself.

The product itself says it fortifies with passion fruit and barley protein and doesn’t include many things such as fragrance and artificial colors which is an A+ for me. I did think it was funny though that the package was so big and I could see exactly how much product was really inside when I held it up to the light. To me, that’s wasteful and a bit deceiving to anyone purchasing or receiving this item. You can find a full size HERE.

Juice Organics is Cruelty Free as well and adding the math 1.2 fl oz is about $1.20 per conditioner and shampoo.

ETA: I tried this one out one night and I am not sure how I feel. The shampoo was actually clear, but I felt like I had to use so much just to cover most of my hair. The conditioner, I also had to use a lot and felt it was less effective than the Olay one I use (which is a bad brand) right now, which I had to put over this one. However they smelled AMAZING. But I don’t want to have to use so much product every time. 


Product #3 burt’s bees

Facial Cleansing Towelettes with White Tea Extract 

Burt's Bees

Before I start this one, I do want to say that you should go read the article from Cruelty Free Kitty about Burt’s Bees not being cruelty free anymore since they started selling in China last month. I never really used their products, and probably won’t since that has become true. This package specifically says on the back that they don’t test on animals so a little false advertising on their part.

So for this product I actually found it on goodguide and it’s at a very sad 3/10 rating. Most of this is due to the amount of presumed harmful ingredients which is really quite scary since this goes straight onto your face and near your eyes. However, ingredients are all up to the user. I’ll still use these up, but I won’t buy them in the future.

You can buy this 10 count package on the site HERE for $2.37

product #4 hello

Extra Whitening Pure Mint Flouride Toothpaste 

Hello Toothpaste

I have never heard of this brand and I was currently using the rest of my Crest up before I switched over to Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste. I couldn’t find anything on Goodguide about this brand, but did find this post which I would take with a small grain of salt. It seems to me that people looking for natural toothpaste are definitely the most aggressive. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen so much animosity towards flouride in my life.

Regardless, this product is cruelty free, vegan, and made in the US. You can buy a full size HERE and check out the ingredients yourself. If you’d like to look at the Tom’s of Maine goodguide, you can find that HERE.  Considering the price, it’s about $0.93 per oz and this sample is 0.85 oz.

ETA: I switched to this immediately just to try it and I LOVE this. Mostly because it is labeled as mint, but it doesn’t put that really fake and weird flavor in my mouth after brushing but is just as effective. This allows me to drink water and go on with my morning without having an acidic taste in my mouth. I hope Toms of Maine is like this one! 

product #5 yes to tomatoes

Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask 

Say Yes to Tomatoes

As I said above, right now I use Shea Moisture Black African Soap Mud Mask exclusively. You can find a goodguide for the Bubble Bath / Body Wash HERE, but there is not one specifically for the mask. I don’t like sheet masks, mostly because it is wasteful and the product gets in my eyes and the mask slides off.

I could only find a goodguide for the clearing facemask at a 4/10, but I am prone to think this one is worse because…you know…charcoal. You can buy this mask for $2.52 HERE.

product #6 acure

Pore Clarifying Red Clay Scrub 


I don’t remember from what box, but a few months ago I got an Acure Facial Cleansing Gel that I really enjoyed. It had a great citrus smell and I use it to wash my face almost daily now. This isn’t the exact one, but a similar product is HERE on goodguide. 

I couldn’t find this product specifically on goodguide either but I assume most are generally the same. You can get a full size HERE. Considering the price of the full size, this 1 fl. oz is $3.25.

Acure is also cruelty free.

product #7 raw sugar

Lemon Sugar Body Wash 

Raw Sugar

I have yet to hear of this brand either and couldn’t find anything on Goodguide about it. I did find this other site that had one product from the brand that seemed pretty good HERE. This brand is cruelty free as well. Right now I use some of my old body wash and recently bought a Yes to Carrots body wash that isn’t particularly great, but works for now. I also bought a Black African Soap bar to try later on, we’ll see how this works.

You can buy a full size HERE. The math works out to this sample being $7.14 which is the best one yet!


Overall, this box came up to a total of about $17.93 and I paid around $7.20 altogether. So, of course, I did get my money’s worth when it comes to product. You can obviously see what you are getting in your box before it arrives, so I could have done all this research before getting it. I find it, however, really difficult to make a definitive rating on products based on ingredients because there is so much science and different opinions on it.

I do like to use goodguide as a general idea, but with most of these products, I couldn’t find them at all which leaves me at a bit of a loss on how I feel. What I really like is that all these products were (mostly) cruelty free and included a couple brands that I really love (acure, shea moisture). I’ll be interested to try the rest of these and see if I can find more information on them and whether they are truly natural.

We’ll see what next month’s box looks like, but hopefully that gave you just a little information about the new box! I haven’t been able to try any of these products yet, but I’ll update this post as soon as I do!

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