October Faves


The Flash

The Flash on CW 

I’ve never been a big fan of DC in general, but one of my friends recommended this to me a few months ago and I watched the first episode but never continued. Over the past few weeks I’ve finished off Season 1 and it is really addicting. Grant Gustin is a cutie and I love all the supporting cast as well. While I don’t necessarily think the plot is that strong and the CGI can be cringey, the cast really keep this show going. It also features Carlos Valdes who was originally apart of Starkid, so I feel like I need to support it. Season 1 was wild and I haven’t started the next season but I have really enjoyed this.

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April Faves

April Faves

The Little Prince

The Little Prince Movie The Little Prince Design

This is what Springboarded the whole April post because I watched the Netflix original movie of this a few months back and was crying by the end of it. Afterwards I knew I wanted to read the book which only took me about 30 minutes. The book and movie are both amazing, gorgeous, heart-wrenching, and inspiring. The animation from the movie is absolutely incredible and if you have a spare 2 hours please allow yourself to watch this movie. It’s also full of amazing quotes like the one above.

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Things I’m Digging – March 2017

Video killed the blogging star

I know I’ve been vacant from this blog here and there this year. Because I’ve started vlogging and making videos and taking more photos, I’ve kind of let this blog fall to the wayside. I love film and video much more than I do written word and while I wish I was as articulate as I used to be in high school, I’m not. I express myself better in photos and in clips and sounds and smiles rather than in writing nowadays. But that doesn’t mean I want this to become completely obsolete! So for now when I think of something good, here I’ll be.

But make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t already!

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Currently Reading + Birthday

The big two four!

It’s true, I grew another year older this January but I definitely celebrated in style! My mom came to visit and I got to spend the entire day with her and Hillary. We opened Magic Kingdom with their new welcome show and closed out the night at Tusker House at Animal Kingdom before calling it an early night. So much more fun than laying on the couch all day like all my previous birthdays.

This year I was so thankful to have moved to Orlando, worked at Mousegear, move in with my best friends, and then FINALLY get to transfer to my favorite role: Photopass. I cannot explain how much fun I’ve had over the last year learning how to become a full adult. There is not a better place to grow old than the most magical place on earth.

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Visiting Disneyland + I have a Youtube Channel!

The happiest place on earth

California Adventure


Back in July my roommates and I made a joke about flying to California and going to Disneyland together. The joke turned into more of a reality when we started looking at flights and hotels in the area. We found a great rate on a Marriott nearby, and flights were high, but doable. And so in August we booked our trip for late October, excited to be there during the Halloween season. This personally would be my 3rd time to Disneyland, but my roommates first (though Hillary has been to Disneyalnd park before).

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October Wrap-Up: The Month of Youtube


The Amazing Book is Not on Fire – Dan Howell & Phil Lester

Recommend? For Fans  3.5/5

It’ll probably upset fans to know that I was just a bit disappointed with this book although I’m not sure if I have the right to. I’ve been fans of Dan and Phil since my friends sent me their videos in the Spring and in reality this book does match their video style and personality. I knew there was going to be odds and ends things but it didn’t really follow a specific timeline and a lot of what was included is random bits pulled from their videos like their pet guinea pigs and…fanfiction! I enjoyed the parts about their younger lives and how they came into youtube as well as their time on BBC Radio but I would’ve liked to see more personal and serious writing in this book. It feels like one of their videos in paper format and it doesn’t translate particularly well. Regardless, I’m sure hardcore fans are going to love it and it’s a funny table piece if your friends are as geeky as you.

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Wishlist Wednesday: September 23, 2015


1. Feminist Fox T-Shirt. I don’t remember how I came across the Feminist Apparel website, I think I was just googling feminist t-shirts and that was the first site to pop up. Regardless I recognized some of the shits on the site from elsewhere on social media and I absolutely loved them! Feminist Apparel is a non-profit organization (though I’m not sure then what that means other than feminist education), but they also do seem to try and only print on brands that adhere to fair labor standards and are working on better options for their clothing which is nice. You can find the above t-shirt at THIS LINK! I also like the “Cats against Catcalls” shirt.

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I wasn’t tagged for this, but I’m bored, and am really feeling like stirring up some controversy. 


This tag is one of my favorites to watch on youtube because I think it’s so interesting to see some of my favorite books end up on other people’s lists and seeing people being brutally honest about the books they’ve read. Obviously you can’t be angry at someone for their opinion, but I still think it’s fun.

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Marzia’s Reelstyle June Box – Review

Hey friends! If you need to know something about me, it’s that I LOVE surprises. Maybe not the socially awkward surprise birthday parties, or the “Surprise! I am dragging you out of bed at 5am to go for a run!” kind of surprises, but anticipated surprises are definitely my kind of thing. I already collect Disney vinylmations which often come in blind boxes, it’s the thrill of “what’s inside” that always gets me. Therefore, I am a bit addicted to subscription boxes. I’ve subscribed to a few over the past year, usually one month here or there just to try them out. Most of you will know about Lootcrate, which is my brother’s normal pick (depending on the theme) filled with geeky goods, but I’ve been on the hunt for something more my style. 

Some of you may be familiar with CutiePieMarzia, an Italian youtuber who currently lives in England with her boyfriend Felix (PewdiePie). Marzia often posts style videos, lookbooks, favorites, and other feminine and fun videos. She recently began selling her own clothing designs as well as published her own horror novel overseas. She recently announced that she would be creating her own  6-month subscription box for $20 and I was SO there! I love Marzia and thought I’d give June’s box a chance to see if I enjoyed it and would continue. You can check out her page here: Reelstyle CutiePieMarzia At the time, Marzia was offering 6 months for $100 or pay-as-you-go for $20 a month. I picked the single month before committing, shipping was $5. I ordered mid-June and the box was shipped at the end of the month and finally arrived on my doorstep yesterday! So, let’s have a look!

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