Impulse Buys and Moral Dilemmas

the leather DILEMMA

An interesting thing happened to me recently, that I’ve been thinking about for a few days. It led me to this question: When does your personal wants trump your ethics? I’ve been a vegetarian for the last 6 years and, as you can tell from my posts, I’ve started to delve deeper into veganism and ethical purchases on the non-consumable front. My makeup is all cruelty free, my toiletries are mostly eco-friendly, and I don’t really purchase or use items made from animals if I’m aware of it.

However, over the last week Disney announced a new Dooney and Bourke bag, inspired by Disney dogs. I didn’t really care for the color originally, but I loved the pattern and styles of bags. But, being a high-ticket item at $250 and knowing that people were waiting hours to get their hands on them, I filed it away as an item that I wanted and didn’t need.

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Me & Vegetarianism (5 Year Anniversary)

Being a vegetarian has been a quiet part of me for nearly 5 years and it feels so odd to put a number on it or actually talk about it at all. In reality, my transition was nearly by mistake and I hadn’t really considered it until a single week in October. Looking back, I see it as just an addition into my road towards ultimate compassion for the world. This is being published on my 5 year anniversary.

How it began

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

I had a friend visiting me at home for a week who was working on a project for school where she was attempting to be vegan for a week. At the time, it sounded like a fun challenge, and I said that I would play along, only being a vegetarian instead. One night we sat down and watched a couple of documentaries, mostly notably¬†Forks Over Knives.¬†It seems simple, but that single day when we began this adventure was the last time that I ate meat of any kind (purposefully) on October 18th. If you want a pun…I stopped cold turkey. Of course, throughout the months I continued to do more research on my own, but the documentary really put a single thought in my head as to why we ate meat anyway and if it really made any sense.

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