A Quarter of a Century (Wild Africa Trek)

Birthday 1

25 times around the sun

Last week I celebrated my birthday and I have to say that it was definitely the most memorable, happiest, greatest birthday that I’ve ever had. To be fair we had a lot of stuff going on, but this was the first year that I felt like time was honored. It was the first year I planned something in advance that I had been wanting to do for a long time, and the first year when I was thrown a little surprise party.

I have always found that I have loved adulthood far more than childhood. My ability to create my own life without any boundaries has created far more happiness than the past gift of zero responsibilities. I get a thrill out of paying my rent every month because I know that I get to live in a city I love, with friends I love, and get up to go to a job that I love.

My intentions this year were to make good on the past saying of: “We should do ____”. Which mostly consisted of my roommates and I talking about things we wanted to do but then never making solid plans or saving for. My birthday was the start of crossing one of those off the list which was The Wild Africa Trek at Animal Kingdom. My Mom, friends, and I all stayed at the Cabins at Fort Wilderness which we had also never done. It was absolutely gorgeous and is now one of my favorite resorts.

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Annual Traditions

Fall-Filled week @ Disneyland

It may have happened over a month ago, and I may be super late, but it was still totally AWESOME!

After moving into an apartment with 3 of my friends after my CP it’s become sort of a family tradition for us to go to Disneyland every year now (apparently). It began in October 2016 with Celine and Brian’s first ever trip, and then as the Fall months came back around we started to get antsy to head back to the better Disney park, so we packed up our bags and headed back a little bit earlier in the year. 

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Valley of Mo'ara

Exploring the World of Pandora

Valley of Mo’Ara

I realized this morning that I’ve never posted anything about Pandora either here or on my youtube channel since the land opened at Animal Kingdom. Mostly because everytime I’ve been it’s either incredibly crowded or too rainy to bring my camera. But I’ve come to change all that because I do have a few pictures from this beautiful land that I would love to show you! First of all make sure you guys check out my flickr HERE to see all these beautiful photos in hi-res!

I’d like to give a shoutout to my beautiful friend and roommate Celine who helped open this incredible world to Animal Kingdom. She’s a complete boss and I’m so proud of her. Therefore a lot of these photos are of her in and her homeland.

Valley of Mo'ara 8

 Valley of Mo'ara 7

Valley of Mo'ara 6

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Three-Day Weekends

I always have three day weekends, but I felt like this one was just a bit more productive than usual! I’m on my last three weeks of my internship at the library and Disney College Program and Professional Internship Apps are rolling around. My last semester of college is quickly approaching and it’s all happening almost too fast. I have a ton of new books to read and things keep piling on my to-do list, but one day I will get it all done. 

Regardless, I felt like baking a bit (which never happens) and so my choice this time around was beignets. I love buying these at Port Orleans in Orlando and I made these about a year ago for the first time and felt like they didn’t turn out very well. I decided to give them another go and I felt like they turned out much better this time around! The only problem I have is that they do absorb the powdered sugar after being left for a few hours, but they still taste good regardless. I’m unsure of whether that’s just because of the grease, or if I’m possibly doing something wrong. Then again, they’re most likely supposed to be made to eat immediately. 

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A Very Disney December

I’ve made a few posts since I got back from Orlando, but I’ve finished finished up most of the photos and kind of gotten everything straightened back out. I start back to school on Monday, so the posts may be later than normal (or not, I might be superwoman), so be prepared. 

I went to Disney from December 21st through December 28th. We visited Universal as well as all the Disney Parks. I only used my 50mm lens while I was there since I wanted some more detail shots. I didn’t take as many as I usually would, it was pretty dreary for most of the trip which was fine as I missed that Florida rain. I also purchased my first Annual Pass so I’m planning on returning in March for Flower and Garden and in October for Food and Wine and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. 

These are just a few shots, but you can view all my Disney photos here: cm_kayla on flickr: Disney 



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WDW versus DL (Warning: Very long, only for Disney theme park fans!)

Walt Disney World and Disneyland Comparison:

Good morning from the good ‘ol Midwest, where the air is dry and the snow isn’t forgiving. I recently returned from my first visit to the Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland! This was an extremely important trip for me because I’d been wanting to visit Disneyland forever, after falling in love with Walt Disney World as a child. To be where Walt first created his own world, to see his original designs, and to walk where he walked was an absolute dream and I had a wonderful time! The main reason for the trip was the Avengers 5k and Half Marathon Inaugural Mission that my friend and I decided much earlier this year was something we HAD to do.

I had a great time visiting Disneyland and it was full of beauty and amazing rides, but I’m here to give you a comparison of the late, great Disneyland and the massive and magical Walt Disney World. I’m going to try to be as un-bias as possible because as you read just above I’m a seasoned WDW vet and worked at Hollywood Studios during the Fall of 2013 on the Disney College Program. So let’s get started! I have a few outlined sections and aspects of the parks I’m going to address.

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