August Faves TN

August Faves!

it’s that time again folks, here’s what i have been loving and my favorites of august!



I don’t remember watching Ducktales when I was a kid, but living with three Disney-obsessed roommates screaming about David Tennant being Scrooge, I knew that it was on my list. The first episode just recently aired which I linked above and we LOVED it. The theme song is obviously the best part, but I love the animation style, and storyline. It even inspired me to watch some of the older episodes. I’m really excited for this new season to begin.

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Passion TN

Follow Your Passion?

so good they can’t ignore you

So Good They Can't Ignore You

I recently read The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey and So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport. I did an entire post on Cal’s other book Deep Work which I really loved. When reading these last two books I decided not to write too many notes because you can visit Chris’s site HERE and and neither really had a lot of solid ideas that I haven’t really talked about before.

For Cal’s book (the title of this) it was a collection of stories based around whether people even “had” a passion and if it was worth it to really keep looking for that one “perfectly passionate” job or if putting in the hard work leads to passion. It was an interesting idea and Cal is a big advocate that following your passion is bad advice. His stories chronicle a lot of successful people who created and built the skills needed for a specific job and the passion for the job followed. He also talks a bit about some of his interviewees who actually did follow their so-believed “passion” (in a risky way) and had failed.

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October TBR (Late)

in which i attempt to buy no books

So, since all of my roommates and I are headed to Disneyland in the middle of this month, it’s imperative for me to spend as little money as possible. Unfortunately, that means that I have to somehow keep myself from buying any new books, thus the library and my own collection will prevail this month.

I usually don’t do TBRs, just because I work full-time and I never really know what book I’m going to pick up next until the time comes. However, I have checked out a few from the library and borrowed some from my friends, which are going to need to be returned at some point

Lady Midnight

Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

I’ve read every other Shadowhunter novel by Cassandra Clare, except the first one in her latest series. It was so long that I didn’t even want to think about taking it on until my roommate started pushing me so she could have someone to talk to about it. It’s nearly 700 pages and I’m about 400 pages through so far. Overall it’s a bit slow paced and I’m not 100% sure that I’m really that attached to the characters, but Cassandra Clare’s writing is so easy to get through and I love her world-building. I’ve been working on this one for a couple weeks and hope to get it done by next week.

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Makeup Book Tag

Before I begin, I watched this video by Dana over at The Book Hoarder which inspired me to make this post since I love books AND I love makeup. Imagine! You should definitely sub to Dana’s channel, I love her vlogs.

Makeup Book Tag

I’m going to list each part of the tag, the makeup I use, and the book that goes with it. I’ll try and let you know what is and isn’t cruelty free as I am also transitioning all my products over as well. I forgot a few products in the first photo but I have added them on at the end. This is also a before picture of the makeup that I use. Overall, this took about an hour to photograph, but in reality it only takes me 10 minutes or less to do my makeup. I also don’t use all of this on a daily basis. Below I also didn’t have a tag for my pre-makeup. But I use Simple SPF Moisturizer ($10) on days I’m going to be outside for long periods, like work. Simple doesn’t test on animals where not required by law. I also try and use Yes to Grapefruit Eye Cream ($15.99) every morning and night. Yes to products are cruelty free.


Book_Makeup_1 Book_Makeup_2

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I almost never get rid of my books unless I absolutely despise them, but my shelves are starting to get a little full. If I get rid of just a handful, that makes more room for me to buy more and that’s always important.

Disney Wars

James B. Stewart


I bought this book a few years ago before I started working at Disney. I never got very far, mostly because it was so dense and dry. That’s not to say I don’t still love reading books about the company and Walt himself, just that I’m not sure this one interests me as much now that I actually work here. It’s mostly focused on Michael Eisner and Roy Disney and was published in 2006. Quite a bit has happened since then and while it’s important to know your history, I’m just never going to start this one.

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What I STILL haven’t read (mid-year tbr)

I’ve collected many a book over the past few years. While I do pretty good at keeping my TBR to a minimum and reading what I have before buying anything else, there are a few books that are just continuously stuck on my list. Most of these books are large classics that I have had for a couple years and are so long that I’m too intimidated to start at the moment. However, there are a few YA books thrown in.

Glass Sword (#2)

Victoria Aveyard


I purchased this book within the first few weeks of February as a “make myself feel better” gift as I was still rather stressed out from moving. Unfortunately I started the book, couldn’t really get into it, and put it aside and it’s been there ever since. I absolutely loved Red Queen, and I’m sure it was just because I was so busy that I didn’t get into this book. I definitely am going to try and finish this by the end of the year.

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Life is not the mountain tops, it’s the walking in between

As much as I love my job and working for Disney, the most fun that I’ve had since moving to Orlando has always been when I’m on break talking with my coworkers, the nights when I come home at 10pm and my roommates and I gather in the living room to spend time together, or my full days off. Sometimes that means just  sleeping in and reading my books, or it means going out all day to Universal, Celebration, or a new area and exploring with my friends. I did quite a bit of that as of late as I was finishing up my CP at Hollywood Studios.


Make sure to subscribe to my roommate, Hillary’s youtube channel, she’s super cute and I pop up quite a bit. Celine, Hillary, and I were all off and decided to head to Universal for a girls day, but from the title you can see that we didn’t exactly bring enough umbrellas. We ended up stopping at Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor and I tried Earl Grey Lavender Ice Cream and it really does taste like tea. It’s definitely not sweet like vanilla, but I really loved it and you don’t feel so bad for eating ice cream when it tastes like tea. We planned on hitting up the water rides, but by the time the rain passed, we were already soaked. ALSO, if you stop by Madam Malkins, they carry Hermione’s Yule Ball dress, except it’s only in kids sizes…for now.

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Summer Wonder – It’s Heating Up at Hollywood

It’s only been about two and a half weeks since I last posted, but I feel like life is completely different from then. Last time I was around I was heading into my last shift at Mousegear and had just moved into my apartment a few days beforehand. I was soon switching my role to Photopass at Hollywood Studios. It’s been weeks of settling in, but everything is really starting to brighten up from the unknown and worry I had at the end of May.

I started training on the 15th with a class at DU entitled “Welcome to Entertainment”. For merchandise you have a Welcome to Operations class, but Entertainment was a lot more fun because you left the classroom and were able to explore around Magic Kingdom. I won’t specify the entire day as it’s kind of a fun surprise, but it was a short class and I met some nice people that day. The next day I had my 2 core training days. We had to get our costumes before our training so myself and a friend picked out our costumes at Magic Kingdom after Welcome to Entertainment. I ended up visiting Animal Kingdom the next day because they had no shorts available at MK and it’s been sweltering. I was able to find a couple pairs.

Core training is basically the same as merchandise, only you’re obviously learning how to use the Nikon cameras instead of handling cash. I had a lot of fun with the girls in our class and the trainers those two days. We went outside our classroom to shoot and on the 2nd day visited Hollywood Studios to take shots of each other and guests to learn the photos we’d have to take on the job. In the end I was sad we all had to split up to start training at our home park. Altogether there was 3 of us heading to DHS, though there are more CPs than we had met that had classes on different days.

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New Equipment: Softboxes

I had a great Christmas, but there was one thing on my wishlist that I didn’t receive that I knew I immediately wanted to buy with my Christmas money and that was a set of softboxes for my photographs and videos. My mom wasn’t sure what kind of buy for me and while I had a set in mind I ended up purchasing the PBL Studio Continuous Lighting Kit 24×24″ which you can find on Amazon HERE for $93. That is actually an extremely cheap price point so I knew that these weren’t going to be the most high quality lights of all time but I really don’t need that right now for what I want.

I do want to preface this by saying that one of the softboxes came damaged and so I’m going to have to return and exchange them. I’m not sure I’ll repurchase them immediately or wait so I can have them shipped to Orlando instead of driving them down so I probably won’t have any pictures very soon using these. 

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Getting to Know: EVERYTHING (Final weeks)

What’s up! So, I was on hiatus for a little while as I was visiting some friends in Florida for a short vacation. You can check out my life update for more info on that, but I also missed a few classes while I was gone, mainly photography. We only have about 3 classes left in the semester and so our assignments have recently been piled on last minute as my professor was going to be gone for a week. For this round we had to take 6 environmental portraits as well as 3 creative portraits for our final project.

We also will be displaying our work at the tech library for voting and the winners will be displayed at our university library. Those photos were chosen from some that I had taken from this semester, if I end up getting a photo of them displayed I’ll paste that in here. Anyway, my first Enviro shots were of Lauren at work in the library, my second shots were of my brother in his gaming corner of his room where he spends probably 100% of his time, and my last shots I haven’t quite decided on what to do.  I’ll most likely pull my mom into helping me. I’ll also add the last Pixelstick shot we did right before I left on vacation. We decided to take a group shot and have one of our classmates weave in and out with the stick. We had our teacher go through and use an external flash on each of us as well. I used my 50 mm for Lauren’s photo and used a back-bounce flash and fisheye adapter on my photo of Andrew.

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