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Before we get onto the fun and humorous movie of the month, we’ll start out with some salty tears from Coco. First off, I saw this movie at 11pm, so I was already pretty exhausted after our Thanksgiving feast. Secondly, I was really not expecting to love the Frozen short as much as I did. I knew that I was in for a long night once I started wiping tears away about a snowman.

Coco itself was absolutely astounding. It was visually gorgeous, the music was on point, the voice actor for Miguel was adorable and lovable and all the characters were intriguing and funny. Despite it being fairly obvious now, I did not see the plot twist within the movie and really loved the ending. I wasn’t sure that I was going to cry at all until the last 5 minutes, when you could hear the whole theater gasping and sniffling their noses. This was such a great movie about mexican culture and the day of the dead. I’m so happy that they’ve created such a beautiful film to help represent that culture and I definitely need to go see it again. A 5 star film and my roomates and I agreed that it was on par with Toy Story 3 and I personally felt like it was better than Inside Out!

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My Yoga Routine

How I found yoga

I realized that even though Yoga is a big part of my life and something I try and do daily, I have never really talked about it on my blog! I did yoga for the first time in high school gym class, something which I hated because my physical ability was at about zero. It was the one thing I was good at because my flexibility was out of this world.

While everyone else was groaning I was just happy to be able to do any of it and then “relaxation time” was just a great time for a nap, but I still really enjoyed it. I didn’t start doing yoga personally until the summer of my junior year when I went hardcore into fitness and diet and lost 40 lbs in one summer. This was definitely unhealthy but I found a lot of great workouts and systems that I enjoyed and one was yoga.

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