Florals & Fauna

The plants

Since I’m a new plant Mom, I thought it would be fun to chronicle my journey into gardening this Spring and Summer! Living in warm Florida, has made it so much easier to keep plants alive, but living in an apartment has made it a lot more difficult to find space. Right now I have a couple of plants growing and and a few flowers from Trader Joe’s that are coming to the end of their life.

Kalanchoe // Alfredo 

I bought this Kalanchoe plant from Flower and Garden at Epcot last year in 2016. I really didn’t know if it would grow very well, but they were set up in sterile containers to make it easier. A kalanchoe is a type of succulent which is great for Florida because it’s so hot and they don’t need a lot of water. I put the plant in a small cup in front of my window for a couple weeks before moving it to a larger pot. After only a few weeks it was even bigger and had to be moved to a real flower pot.

I think it has finished growing for now, it’s not flowered, but apparently it’s supposed to be kept in the dark for long periods of time in order to stimulate growth. I don’t really care too much whether it flowers or not so for now it just sits on my desk in front of my window. I’ve named him Alfredo simply because I can.

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Flower & Garden #4

Exploring Epcot (Flower & Garden)

Dang, Kayla, back at it again with the blog posts!

My program this time around differs so much from my first program in that for this program I was a lot less active in the community due to prior relationships and so I didn’t really make many new friends before I moved down here. Thus this means that I have been exploring the parks by myself a lot more because of work schedules and not being able to get my days to match up with some of my friends. I can’t complain too much though because I love traveling Disney solo. This time around I decided to spend the entire day at my new home, EPCOT, and attempt to do all of the attractions that I had never done in my 23 years.

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