4th Cover

4th of July – Disney Style

photography vs vlogging

I have to say that between the two I’m not sure which I enjoy more. If you guys didn’t know I still run my youtube channel HERE which you can check out if you’d like. I have a few vlogs up from Disney but recently most of them have been about BOOKS! And when my entire apartment had off for 4th of July I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to take photos, film, or both.

I ended up having to choose just because it was such a hot day filled with shenanigans that I really didn’t want to have to keep switching my lenses. If you didn’t know I only own my kit lens + a 50mm portrait lens and switching them back and forth is a pain and not something I’d like to subject my camera to all day long.

As per usual, I opted for photos! So if you’d like to check out our vlog from that day, make sure to keep an eye on HILLARY’S channel for that video soon.

Getting patriotic

Kayla in front of Spaceship Earth

Hillary Vlogging

CJ & Kayla Spaceship Earth

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Photopass Shot #1

The End & The Beginning : Merchandise to Photopass

I’m writing this before I head out to my last shift at Mousegear and merchandise in general. I can’t believe it’s come so quick, but only getting here in February has really sped up that process. Most of our CPs are leaving within the next few weeks and for those that are transferring to a new role or location, today is our last day! I will say that I’m mostly just sad to be leaving all the friends that I have made. Merchandise was never really for me, but knowing I could go to work and talk to my friends was what made the experience, I really loved Mousegear. Regardless, that’s coming to an end and tomorrow I am heading to  Disney University for my first training day for Photopass: Welcome to Entertainment! It’s only a 4 hour class and then I’ll be heading to Disney Springs for the opening of the new landing. I hope to take my camera and snap a few pictures. Otherwise a few things have been going on the past week.

#1. I went home for a week! It was definitely a lot more uneventful than I anticipated but it reminded me of why I moved to Orlando and why I wanted to stay. It was nice to relax and watch netflix all day. Most of it was spent packing my room up to bring down at the end of May. We went shopping for some new summer clothes and went to my favorite Thai restaurant. Yum! My flights were actually awesome, nobody sat beside me, I had my window seat, and I was able to listen to some of my favorite podcasts and read a bit of Harry Potter.


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Women of Youtube Panel

New Adventures

I had seemingly disappeared through the last half of March and almost all of April, but that doesn’t mean my adventures ceased to exist! In fact, some CRAZY stuff has happened in the past few weeks that I’m so excited about!

1. I have extended my DCP into my dream role of Photopass through the summer! I was sick with the flu when I received the email and could barely comprehend what I was reading at the time. I assumed that I would be kept at Mousegear and was pleasantly surprised. I am in total shock and if what I’m reading is correct, I’m actually heading back to Hollywood Studios (I believe) which is an absolute dream as I loved working there in 2013 and it is my favorite park. I will be transferring to my new role on May 15th so I only have a couple more weeks in Epcot!

Extension Email

2.  I have officially signed a lease for an apartment here in Orlando, not far from CP housing with 3 of my best friends. We will be moving in May 9th which means I will officially be staying in Florida for at least another year! The apartment is gorgeous and I am so lucky to be waking up to my friends everyday. I will have my own room, hardly any rules, and will finally get to make someplace my own. This actually came at a big surprise and happened within about 2-3 weeks. We originally viewed the apartment when I wasn’t sure my future with Disney but when I saw the apartment I fell in love and decided to go all in. Hillary and I convinced our friends Celine and Brian to join our lease as theirs was ending so it worked out perfectly. Celine recently transferred to Animal Kingdom from Backlands at Hollywood so we went to visit her on her last night.

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