August Faves TN

August Faves!

it’s that time again folks, here’s what i have been loving and my favorites of august!



I don’t remember watching Ducktales when I was a kid, but living with three Disney-obsessed roommates screaming about David Tennant being Scrooge, I knew that it was on my list. The first episode just recently aired which I linked above and we LOVED it. The theme song is obviously the best part, but I love the animation style, and storyline. It even inspired me to watch some of the older episodes. I’m really excited for this new season to begin.

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Makeup Book Tag

Before I begin, I watched this video by Dana over at The Book Hoarder which inspired me to make this post since I love books AND I love makeup. Imagine! You should definitely sub to Dana’s channel, I love her vlogs.

Makeup Book Tag

I’m going to list each part of the tag, the makeup I use, and the book that goes with it. I’ll try and let you know what is and isn’t cruelty free as I am also transitioning all my products over as well. I forgot a few products in the first photo but I have added them on at the end. This is also a before picture of the makeup that I use. Overall, this took about an hour to photograph, but in reality it only takes me 10 minutes or less to do my makeup. I also don’t use all of this on a daily basis. Below I also didn’t have a tag for my pre-makeup. But I use Simple SPF Moisturizer ($10) on days I’m going to be outside for long periods, like work. Simple doesn’t test on animals where not required by law. I also try and use Yes to Grapefruit Eye Cream ($15.99) every morning and night. Yes to products are cruelty free.


Book_Makeup_1 Book_Makeup_2

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Recent Reads (7.16.16)

It’s been approximately 4 months since my last recent reads and I have to say that I think I’ve done quite a good job at keeping up with my literature though I’m never going to surpass my 140 books from last year at the rate I am going. I am currently at 48 out of the 100, which means I’m only 5 behind so if I just find some more graphic novels (my expertise right now) I think I could finally catch up!


Their Eyes Were Watching God

Their Eyes Were Watching God – Zora Hurston 


When Janie, at sixteen, is caught kissing shiftless Johnny Taylor, her grandmother swiftly marries her off to an old man with sixty acres. Janie endures two stifling marriages before meeting the man of her dreams, who offers not diamonds, but a packet of flowering seeds …

I hadn’t heard of this book before I saw that Crash Course was coming out with their second Literature Series hosted by John Green and this book was the first on the list. A 2.5 stars from  me, but I do understand how important it is as a novel. The story was quite interesting at the beginning, but I felt like it was repetitive as it followed the years of Janie’s life and her 3 husbands. I appreciated the plot of Janie finally gaining her independence as a woman and learning about her family’s history as slaves was insightful.

The vernacular was what threw me off, and I can’t really criticize the book for that aspect because it was just being true to the characters in the novel. It just made the book harder and slower to get through. It’s interesting to see the contrast between Hurston’s voice as a narrator and the voices she gives to her characters. Below is the literature episode discussing this novel.

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My Year In Books: Favorites of 2015

I absolutely love the year in review from goodreads this year, particularly the statistics! It’s so interesting seeing everything laid out in different categories like number of pages and highest rated books that you had read. You can check out ALL of the books that I read in 2015 at THIS LINK!

That being said, I read almost 50% MORE than my original goodreads goal this year, coming at about 150 books! Of course, to be honest, since comic books and graphic novels do count I did read plenty of those throughout the year which cut down a bit on the intensity of my reading, but that has never bothered me. It wasn’t until this year that I started to get into comic books at all and I’m so glad that I did! Here are my top 10 reads of 2015, in no order:


 SAGA Vol.1-5 – Brian K. Vaughn & Fiona Staples

I started reading Saga almost immediately after I started reading comics simply because it was one everyone was talking about and it seemed like the easiest place to start and I’m SO glad that I did. This story is so gripping and so beautifully designed that I am obsessed. It’s heartbreaking and realistic, despite being set in this fantasy/sci-fi reality. I love all of the characters and the political problems going on. It follows two soldiers from opposite sides (think Romeo and Juliet) and the world who is doing anything to split them apart. I love how blunt this story is, however it does have some sexual content so I wouldn’t recommend this for young kids. I have loved almost everything Image Comics has put out and I’m so excited to see where this goes. Every volume is great.

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October Wrap-Up: The Month of Youtube


The Amazing Book is Not on Fire – Dan Howell & Phil Lester

Recommend? For Fans  3.5/5

It’ll probably upset fans to know that I was just a bit disappointed with this book although I’m not sure if I have the right to. I’ve been fans of Dan and Phil since my friends sent me their videos in the Spring and in reality this book does match their video style and personality. I knew there was going to be odds and ends things but it didn’t really follow a specific timeline and a lot of what was included is random bits pulled from their videos like their pet guinea pigs and…fanfiction! I enjoyed the parts about their younger lives and how they came into youtube as well as their time on BBC Radio but I would’ve liked to see more personal and serious writing in this book. It feels like one of their videos in paper format and it doesn’t translate particularly well. Regardless, I’m sure hardcore fans are going to love it and it’s a funny table piece if your friends are as geeky as you.

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