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Over the summer I have been participating in a  “Fast Fashion Fast” hosted by youtuber Verena Erin from My Green Closet. During this challenge participants try to avoid purchasing any fast fashion branded clothing, or clothes in general, in favor of more ethically/eco/fair trade brands.

Fast Fashion has major impacts on our world environmentally, economically, and continues to trap garment workers in developing countries into poorly run and dangerous working conditions, some including child labor. For more information you can watch this good documentary called The True Cost on Netflix!

The True Cost

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Things I’m Digging – March 2017

Video killed the blogging star

I know I’ve been vacant from this blog here and there this year. Because I’ve started vlogging and making videos and taking more photos, I’ve kind of let this blog fall to the wayside. I love film and video much more than I do written word and while I wish I was as articulate as I used to be in high school, I’m not. I express myself better in photos and in clips and sounds and smiles rather than in writing nowadays. But that doesn’t mean I want this to become completely obsolete! So for now when I think of something good, here I’ll be.

But make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t already!

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Ethical & Green Living


I feel like my decision to become more eco-friendly and sustainable was only a matter of time. Minimalism, vegetarianism, mindfulness, and green living fall into a giant circle, interconnected. But it’s been a slow and eye-opening journey, one that has only expanded since I moved 1,200 miles from home.

It’s also only been within the last year that I’ve started to move my beauty and cosmetics products to cruelty free and natural products. I’ve always wanted to make sure I took care of my planet, and I know that everyone cares about the environment. But it was only just recently that I took what I was hearing and tried to think how that applied to me. If I care about the environment, why do we not recycle in our apartment when it’s a viable and easy option? Why would I use plastic bags at the grocery store when I had cloth ones, or why would I throw away a product that I probably could’ve gotten at least one more use out of?

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Marzia’s Reelstyle June Box – Review

Hey friends! If you need to know something about me, it’s that I LOVE surprises. Maybe not the socially awkward surprise birthday parties, or the “Surprise! I am dragging you out of bed at 5am to go for a run!” kind of surprises, but anticipated surprises are definitely my kind of thing. I already collect Disney vinylmations which often come in blind boxes, it’s the thrill of “what’s inside” that always gets me. Therefore, I am a bit addicted to subscription boxes. I’ve subscribed to a few over the past year, usually one month here or there just to try them out. Most of you will know about Lootcrate, which is my brother’s normal pick (depending on the theme) filled with geeky goods, but I’ve been on the hunt for something more my style. 

Some of you may be familiar with CutiePieMarzia, an Italian youtuber who currently lives in England with her boyfriend Felix (PewdiePie). Marzia often posts style videos, lookbooks, favorites, and other feminine and fun videos. She recently began selling her own clothing designs as well as published her own horror novel overseas. She recently announced that she would be creating her own  6-month subscription box for $20 and I was SO there! I love Marzia and thought I’d give June’s box a chance to see if I enjoyed it and would continue. You can check out her page here: Reelstyle CutiePieMarzia At the time, Marzia was offering 6 months for $100 or pay-as-you-go for $20 a month. I picked the single month before committing, shipping was $5. I ordered mid-June and the box was shipped at the end of the month and finally arrived on my doorstep yesterday! So, let’s have a look!

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Show Your Disneyside

It’s the coolest summer ever over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, so I thought I’d celebrate just a bit. I recently bought the White Minnie Mouse dress from the Lauren Conrad Collection at Kohls. Originally at $68, the collection (past was a Cinderella collection) is just a bit expensive, but with sales and coupons I ended up only paying $30 for the dress!

The promotional pictures make the dress seem more like a silk type of fabric, but it’s actually cotton with a thin underskirt at the bottom that makes it more comfortable and less see-through. I generally wear a size 10-14 in dresses, but the waist in this one is not stretchy (besides the waistband in the back) and I ended up with a 16. My main problem when I tried on the 12 was that it was too tight at the ribs. The arms are a bit big because of sizing up, but you can tie the fabric in the back to make it fit better. Otherwise it’s really light and comfortable. I plan on taking it with me to Disney in November where I hope to take some college graduation photos!

You can see the flickr ablum here (go to bottom).


Wet Seal Haul: July 2014

Good morning friends! I’ve been posting book hauls for awhile, not only to share with you some great novels and also invoke jealousy in my beautiful books, but because it’s also a great way for me to get out and take more photos, work on my skills, I’ve really enjoyed it thus far. I’ve most recently been watching more and more youtube channels as well as reading more blogs by some ladies who are basically sharing their lives with you; giving tips on fashion, makeup, accessories, and basically anything and everything. Blogging is incredibly fun and I’ve fallen in love with ladies like Zoella and Marzia because they’re so classy and do a great job at creating cute online spaces and discussions. Therefore, I’ve decided to try and continue my hauls and expand them a bit so that I can have even more things to photograph and share with you! 

Last month I visited (don’t go there you’ll spend all your money) and saw that Wet Seal was having an extra 70% off their clearance so I checked it out and oh my goodness, such great stuff! I snagged everything below for about $30 altogether!

Clubmaster Sunglasses - $1.60

Clubmaster Sunglasses – $1.60

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