Annual Traditions

Fall-Filled week @ Disneyland

It may have happened over a month ago, and I may be super late, but it was still totally AWESOME!

After moving into an apartment with 3 of my friends after my CP it’s become sort of a family tradition for us to go to Disneyland every year now (apparently). It began in October 2016 with Celine and Brian’s first ever trip, and then as the Fall months came back around we started to get antsy to head back to the better Disney park, so we packed up our bags and headed back a little bit earlier in the year. 

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Visiting Disneyland + I have a Youtube Channel!

The happiest place on earth

California Adventure


Back in July my roommates and I made a joke about flying to California and going to Disneyland together. The joke turned into more of a reality when we started looking at flights and hotels in the area. We found a great rate on a Marriott nearby, and flights were high, but doable. And so in August we booked our trip for late October, excited to be there during the Halloween season. This personally would be my 3rd time to Disneyland, but my roommates first (though Hillary has been to Disneyalnd park before).

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WDW versus DL (Warning: Very long, only for Disney theme park fans!)

Walt Disney World and Disneyland Comparison:

Good morning from the good ‘ol Midwest, where the air is dry and the snow isn’t forgiving. I recently returned from my first visit to the Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland! This was an extremely important trip for me because I’d been wanting to visit Disneyland forever, after falling in love with Walt Disney World as a child. To be where Walt first created his own world, to see his original designs, and to walk where he walked was an absolute dream and I had a wonderful time! The main reason for the trip was the Avengers 5k and Half Marathon Inaugural Mission that my friend and I decided much earlier this year was something we HAD to do.

I had a great time visiting Disneyland and it was full of beauty and amazing rides, but I’m here to give you a comparison of the late, great Disneyland and the massive and magical Walt Disney World. I’m going to try to be as un-bias as possible because as you read just above I’m a seasoned WDW vet and worked at Hollywood Studios during the Fall of 2013 on the Disney College Program. So let’s get started! I have a few outlined sections and aspects of the parks I’m going to address.

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Flickr & Book Haul #2

Good evening friends, I’m stopping by today to let you know that I finally restarted my entire Flickr and filled it to the brim with some of my favorite past photos and keeping it up to date with all my new photos! You can check out my page here:


It gives you really easy access to share my photos with others, and I refrained from putting a watermark on them because I know how annoying they are. Please PLEASE do not steal my photos, I am putting my trust in everyone by not wartermarking these. The share features allow you to share them while still giving credit to me, please use it. If you are wanting to use these photos as a background or screensaver or anything else please email me at k_justice23@hotmail.com FIRST to ask permission. Otherwise, enjoy!

I also stopped in to post some photos of my book haul from this past week. Technically it counts as July since I ordered them then, or let’s at least say so for my checkbook. From Book Depository I picked up Fangirl Special UK Edition by Rainbow Rowell for $19.95. It was a little pricey, but the book comes with a pink cover, the title printed on the side of the pages when closed, a ribbon bookmark attached, and the dust cover also works as a poster. 

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