July Favorites

I cannot believe August is already here. I remember when Summer started and I was wishing for the Holiday season to roll around at Disney and in just 20 days we will be having our first Mickey’s Not So Scary! But even though July has come to an end, there were a lot of things that I cherished and loved last month!


Spiderman: Homecoming 

Spiderman: Homecoming

I was definitely in the group that collectively sighed when Marvel announced that they had acquired the rights and would be creating another Spiderman movie. I was happy to see Tom Holland in Civil War, but wasn’t sure that I wanted another full-length movie about our web-slinging friend. After going through two sets of actors and sub-par films, I didn’t think I could stand it. BUT. I was wrong.

I was really happy that this movie focused on a new and original story and connected more to the avengers and Marvel Universe. Tom Holland really shined as an actor and was certainly the best Spiderman that I had ever seen on screen. The movie was tremendously hilarious with a lot of good easter eggs from the Marvel Universe and I’m happy to see him in our next Infinity War Trailer. I went on and on about how I wanted to go watch this again in theaters before it disappears.

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Wishlist Wednesday – May

where did it go

It’s true, I haven’t posted a Wishlist Wednesday since 2015! The last time I posted one of these I still lived at home and I thought now that I have a pinterest full of things I want to save up and buy for, it would be fun to go back to creating these sometime.

Of course, most of these products are going to be natural and ethical products, but there will also be a lot of “ADULT” things here (I mean like…you know…vacuums, and other fun life-changing things).


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