A Quarter of a Century (Wild Africa Trek)

Birthday 1

25 times around the sun

Last week I celebrated my birthday and I have to say that it was definitely the most memorable, happiest, greatest birthday that I’ve ever had. To be fair we had a lot of stuff going on, but this was the first year that I felt like time was honored. It was the first year I planned something in advance that I had been wanting to do for a long time, and the first year when I was thrown a little surprise party.

I have always found that I have loved adulthood far more than childhood. My ability to create my own life without any boundaries has created far more happiness than the past gift of zero responsibilities. I get a thrill out of paying my rent every month because I know that I get to live in a city I love, with friends I love, and get up to go to a job that I love.

My intentions this year were to make good on the past saying of: “We should do ____”. Which mostly consisted of my roommates and I talking about things we wanted to do but then never making solid plans or saving for. My birthday was the start of crossing one of those off the list which was The Wild Africa Trek at Animal Kingdom. My Mom, friends, and I all stayed at the Cabins at Fort Wilderness which we had also never done. It was absolutely gorgeous and is now one of my favorite resorts.

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Annual Traditions

Fall-Filled week @ Disneyland

It may have happened over a month ago, and I may be super late, but it was still totally AWESOME!

After moving into an apartment with 3 of my friends after my CP it’s become sort of a family tradition for us to go to Disneyland every year now (apparently). It began in October 2016 with Celine and Brian’s first ever trip, and then as the Fall months came back around we started to get antsy to head back to the better Disney park, so we packed up our bags and headed back a little bit earlier in the year. 

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Looking Forward

Big news

Shoutout to my beautiful roommate and friend, Celine for the cover photo for this post.

There are a few things that I don’t really post in my blogs immediately about my life. Usually it’s career related, but it is mostly because I am not even sure how things are going to play out. At one point in the Spring I wasn’t even sure if I was going to be staying here at Disney. I don’t want people to think that I absolutely 100% know what I’m going to do all the time, because I don’t. I post the good stuff because me posting about how I’m just waiting to hear is rather useless. That’s boring, nobody cares, everyone has to make those adult decisions.

The good news is, I did decide to stay at Disney. I did end up loving my roommates, I did end up finding an apartment almost immediately with 3 of my best friends (whom last minute even decided to join) and I did end up getting an extension in Photopass. At one point, I thought I was stuck and yet here I am with exactly what I wanted. What a dream!

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Women of Youtube Panel

New Adventures

I had seemingly disappeared through the last half of March and almost all of April, but that doesn’t mean my adventures ceased to exist! In fact, some CRAZY stuff has happened in the past few weeks that I’m so excited about!

1. I have extended my DCP into my dream role of Photopass through the summer! I was sick with the flu when I received the email and could barely comprehend what I was reading at the time. I assumed that I would be kept at Mousegear and was pleasantly surprised. I am in total shock and if what I’m reading is correct, I’m actually heading back to Hollywood Studios (I believe) which is an absolute dream as I loved working there in 2013 and it is my favorite park. I will be transferring to my new role on May 15th so I only have a couple more weeks in Epcot!

Extension Email

2.  I have officially signed a lease for an apartment here in Orlando, not far from CP housing with 3 of my best friends. We will be moving in May 9th which means I will officially be staying in Florida for at least another year! The apartment is gorgeous and I am so lucky to be waking up to my friends everyday. I will have my own room, hardly any rules, and will finally get to make someplace my own. This actually came at a big surprise and happened within about 2-3 weeks. We originally viewed the apartment when I wasn’t sure my future with Disney but when I saw the apartment I fell in love and decided to go all in. Hillary and I convinced our friends Celine and Brian to join our lease as theirs was ending so it worked out perfectly. Celine recently transferred to Animal Kingdom from Backlands at Hollywood so we went to visit her on her last night.

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Internship Update (145 hours Complete!)

The Featured Photos is a banner I made for a friend’s youtube channel banner. Spaceship Earth and Earful Tower were hand-drawn, but the Tree of Life and Cinderella Castle are copied from some original Disney designs. 

Wow! It seems as if this summer is really flying by fast. I started my internship at my current job mid-May and I’ve already completed 145 out of the 320 hours that I need to earn my credits. That means I’m 3/8 of the way done (math is my strong suit). I thought that I’d come back and give you all a bit of what I have been working on and the personal projects that I’ve also managed to create along the way. You can click on each photo to make it larger! 

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