Leaders Eat Last

Leaders Eat Last: Notes on Teams


I’ve said a couple of times before that I’m really inspired by Simon Sinek’s Tedtalks and other interviews. I’ve read one of his other books titled “Start with Why”, but found it to be a little too long and repetitive for my taste. I’m happy to say that this book “Leaders Eat Last” is a little bit more enjoyable and informational than I felt his other book to be. However, if you’re not much of a reader and would prefer to watch his talks online, below is a Talk about the information within this book. I will say that I will probably forgo the rest of his books and just continue to watch his videos since they are more concise and easily digestible.

Still, I wrote a few notes down that I felt were important that I thought I would share with you all!

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Maximize Your Social – Neal Schaffer (Review + What I Learned)

Maximize Your Social

I had this book checked out from the library for quite some time after graduation was over, it really takes awhile to get through books when you’re actively taking notes on what they have to offer. I can’t quite remember where I found this book, possibly just searching our system for Social Media Strategy. I ended up giving this book a 3/5 stars, simply because I felt like a lot of the info in the book was what I had learned in school and really didn’t give me any insight. However, the bullet points and other lists I felt were a great help and I did take a couple pages of notes on this so I thought I’d offer them up as well as document them to come back and read over later.

This book basically goes through a list of different platforms and subjects pertaining to social media and business starting out rather in a general manner.


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Read Around the World: Indonesia, The Rainbow Troops


Laskar Pelangi – Andrea HIrata

Country: Indonesia, island of Belitong

Main Religion: Muslim 

Main Characters: 10 School Children

Pages: 291 (this edition)

Published: 2005

Original Language: Bahasa

I’m officially starting the project! I’m really excited to be diving into the Read Around the World Challenge starting this month, and if you read my recent book haul you’ll know I bought two books to read this month set in different countries. The first book on my list was The Rainbow Troops by Andrea Hirata. I purchased this new at Bookoutlet.com for $4.99 and when it arrived I was shocked to see how small it was. But, good things come in small packages! So, what did I think?

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