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4th of July – Disney Style

photography vs vlogging

I have to say that between the two I’m not sure which I enjoy more. If you guys didn’t know I still run my youtube channel HERE which you can check out if you’d like. I have a few vlogs up from Disney but recently most of them have been about BOOKS! And when my entire apartment had off for 4th of July I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to take photos, film, or both.

I ended up having to choose just because it was such a hot day filled with shenanigans that I really didn’t want to have to keep switching my lenses. If you didn’t know I only own my kit lens + a 50mm portrait lens and switching them back and forth is a pain and not something I’d like to subject my camera to all day long.

As per usual, I opted for photos! So if you’d like to check out our vlog from that day, make sure to keep an eye on HILLARY’S channel for that video soon.

Getting patriotic

Kayla in front of Spaceship Earth

Hillary Vlogging

CJ & Kayla Spaceship Earth

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June Faves


A Monster Calls 
A Monster Calls

This movie is based off of the graphic novel by Patrick Ness which I read a few years ago and sobbed over. The book is a beautiful story following a young boy living alone with his mother diagnosed with cancer and coming to terms with the eventuality of her death. He is an imaginative boy and at 12:07 everynight, a monster (risen from the Yew tree outside) greets Conor to tell him 3 stories before Conor must tell him his own. The movie follows the book completely from what I can remember. I started crying about halfway through this film and didn’t stop until it was over. The music, animation, and acting was absolutely beautiful and heartwrenching and you MUST watch it.

The Great British Bakeoff 


For something a bit more lighthearted, Celine and I have been watching The Great British Bakeoff over the last few months and just recently started Season 3. It’s a hilarious baking competition set in the UK with some super loveable hosts and competitors. I never really enjoyed Food Network or cooking much at all until we started watching this show. The competitiveness between bakers is much more relaxed and everyone is super supportive of each other which makes this show so enjoyable. Every episode you get to see three new bakes and I feel like we’ve learned a lot! We have even made some of recipes from the show! Unfortunately for the newer season we found out they have moved channels and only one of the judges will be returning so we won’t be watching further seasons.

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May Faves

May Faves

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

Ok y’all, this movie was L.I.T. As everyone else can agree, the soundtrack was amazing again (though I prefer the first), I laughed nearly every scene, and it really had a lot of heart despite all the comedy. We recently rewatched the first one and I actually preferred this one MUCH more than the first. Most likely because we already knew the characters and it was easy to fall back into their lives.

However, I had already read some of the comics of this series so I did know the plot twist, but forgot some of the specifics. I am also 100x more excited for Mission Breakout in California and really excited that Starlord and Baby Groot meet here at Walt Disney World. Groot is the cutest!

Star Lord

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What I Want From 2017

Forgetting the resolutions

I might or might not publish another post before this one about how I deleted Facebook and Twitter off my phone. It was a small challenge that stemmed a new goal of finding happiness and peace in everyday life. It was really just a small portion of something that I was doing daily to try and connect more with myself and the people around me.

A couple days before the New Year, I decided that I was wasting my time and presence on social media. 2016 was an amazing year, personally, but I didn’t want to get stuck at where I was even if it was a goal that I had reached. I was happy, but was still somehow finding things to complain about at the end of the day. I felt like I gossiped too much about the people I cared about, judged strangers on the way they acted, and kept frustrations hidden within me until they built up.

After deciding on that challenge I found a few blogs that one of my old roommates had been following to help me become better. The Universe Talks  was one of the outstanding ones that I felt spoke to me the most.


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Giving Up Social Media: Mobile Edition


Before I start this, all of you should know that I’m a digital media major. Graphic design, web design, photography, film, you name it. Social media plays an incredible if not complete part in digital media and so this seems a bit counter-intuitive to begin with considering my background. And I want to make sure that this doesn’t come off as too cliche, because we’ve ALL heard about how we’re addicted to social media.

For the longest time I would have said not me, but looking at how I interact with everyone around me on a daily basis, I can’t say that anymore. And being a digital media major doesn’t really give me that pass, because social media isn’t my job. And when I say social media, I mean active, fast, live-updating feeds. Or in my case twitter and facebook.

I have anxiety and I have always had anxiety. In general it’s been about news, because we know that the only thing reported are the atrocious things and deaths happening this year. I worry a lot and about things I cannot control. While I think getting your news is important, social media has done very well at polarizing my mood on a daily basis. Opinions from people I don’t care about, arguments that I didn’t really need to read, and news that has no bearing on my life continued to bog me down. This played a large part in why I decided to do this.

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