Jade Plant

Plant Update: Florida Girl No Match for Florida Heat

Sad news from the garden

So it’s been a few months since I’ve talked about all the plants I planted back in April and not much has gone to plan, but a few new additions have been made. You may remember my post back in April HERE. Most of the plants from that post have came to their end and the ones still alive look like they’re ready to go to the afterlife. Below are the wildflowers and marigolds that I planted. The marigolds look okay and the wildflower was okay the day before these photos, but I feel like their time is nigh. 

Marigolds Wildflowers

It is completely unknown to me whether it’s because they were under/over watered or the florida sun was just too much. Eventually I moved them back on the deck so to have more shade but even that has not stopped their decline. 


However, regardless of that burning sun, the Sunflowers seem to be taking it pretty well, though I’m unsure of how long they will last. I believe at least one of the sprouts has bit the dust.

House plants

As for our new additions… We went to Lowes a few weeks ago and I came home with some more house plants to keep my Kalanchoe company! The first is a Jade plant which I feel like might be dying just a bit but has seem to grown a few inches taller since I bought it. As long as it can stick it out for awhile longer. The next is my good old Kalanchoe plant which has gotten EVEN BIGGER. I’m just so proud and love how easy it is to take care of this plant. Though he does have so many petals they’re starting to get dusty. 

Jade Plant Alfredo 1

Zamioculcas Zamioculcas 2

The next plant is my biggest baby of which I yet to have a name. However it is a Zamioculcas plant and it is supposedly a “Steel Plant” by the tag which means it’s ideal for indoor environments like offices and it’s really difficult to kill. Sounds like my specialty! It seems to be doing ok for the time being but I’m afraid that I might be underwatering it. 

brian and celine’s new baby


Brian and Celine also just adopted a new plant over the last few weeks which I do not know the name of scientifically but I know that Brian named it Armani and he really brightens up the deck. So long as the Florida sun doesn’t burn him! 

And thus is our babies. I’m hoping that they can stick it out awhile longer so I can say I at least grew Sunflowers but we will see. I still have a lot of hope for my indoor plants and I love having them if I could just keep them alive! 

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