Jade Plant

Plant Update: Florida Girl No Match for Florida Heat

Sad news from the garden

So it’s been a few months since I’ve talked about all the plants I planted back in April and not much has gone to plan, but a few new additions have been made. You may remember my post back in April HERE. Most of the plants from that post have came to their end and the ones still alive look like they’re ready to go to the afterlife. Below are the wildflowers and marigolds that I planted. The marigolds look okay and the wildflower was okay the day before these photos, but I feel like their time is nigh. 

Marigolds Wildflowers

It is completely unknown to me whether it’s because they were under/over watered or the florida sun was just too much. Eventually I moved them back on the deck so to have more shade but even that has not stopped their decline. 


However, regardless of that burning sun, the Sunflowers seem to be taking it pretty well, though I’m unsure of how long they will last. I believe at least one of the sprouts has bit the dust.

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4th Cover

4th of July – Disney Style

photography vs vlogging

I have to say that between the two I’m not sure which I enjoy more. If you guys didn’t know I still run my youtube channel HERE which you can check out if you’d like. I have a few vlogs up from Disney but recently most of them have been about BOOKS! And when my entire apartment had off for 4th of July I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to take photos, film, or both.

I ended up having to choose just because it was such a hot day filled with shenanigans that I really didn’t want to have to keep switching my lenses. If you didn’t know I only own my kit lens + a 50mm portrait lens and switching them back and forth is a pain and not something I’d like to subject my camera to all day long.

As per usual, I opted for photos! So if you’d like to check out our vlog from that day, make sure to keep an eye on HILLARY’S channel for that video soon.

Getting patriotic

Kayla in front of Spaceship Earth

Hillary Vlogging

CJ & Kayla Spaceship Earth

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June Faves


A Monster Calls 
A Monster Calls

This movie is based off of the graphic novel by Patrick Ness which I read a few years ago and sobbed over. The book is a beautiful story following a young boy living alone with his mother diagnosed with cancer and coming to terms with the eventuality of her death. He is an imaginative boy and at 12:07 everynight, a monster (risen from the Yew tree outside) greets Conor to tell him 3 stories before Conor must tell him his own. The movie follows the book completely from what I can remember. I started crying about halfway through this film and didn’t stop until it was over. The music, animation, and acting was absolutely beautiful and heartwrenching and you MUST watch it.

The Great British Bakeoff 


For something a bit more lighthearted, Celine and I have been watching The Great British Bakeoff over the last few months and just recently started Season 3. It’s a hilarious baking competition set in the UK with some super loveable hosts and competitors. I never really enjoyed Food Network or cooking much at all until we started watching this show. The competitiveness between bakers is much more relaxed and everyone is super supportive of each other which makes this show so enjoyable. Every episode you get to see three new bakes and I feel like we’ve learned a lot! We have even made some of recipes from the show! Unfortunately for the newer season we found out they have moved channels and only one of the judges will be returning so we won’t be watching further seasons.

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Self-Deprecation Culture

cocky vs confident vs self-deprecating

I’m modest by nature. A week ago I walked into an interview with my management, completely unprepared and unaware that it was really an interview. I spent 40 minutes answering questions and trying to sell myself as the person that they needed. And I think I did a good job.

At the end of the interview, my manager began to tell me about the line between confident and cocky, and I started to panic internally. “Was I being cocky? Was it my hands? My smile? I just told the truth!” and while all that was happening inside my brain he said “You did great, just amp it up a little, be more confident.” And I fell back, relieved. It was better to be told to be more confident than it was to be told to be more humble.

I think my greatest fear in life, is in fact, coming off as apathetic, cocky, or too self-assured. And it’s not as if I know a lot of people like that in real life, but I’ve spent so much of my time quietly helping people, carefully calculating my additions to conversation that when given the chance to brag it’s unnatural for me.

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May Faves

May Faves

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

Ok y’all, this movie was L.I.T. As everyone else can agree, the soundtrack was amazing again (though I prefer the first), I laughed nearly every scene, and it really had a lot of heart despite all the comedy. We recently rewatched the first one and I actually preferred this one MUCH more than the first. Most likely because we already knew the characters and it was easy to fall back into their lives.

However, I had already read some of the comics of this series so I did know the plot twist, but forgot some of the specifics. I am also 100x more excited for Mission Breakout in California and really excited that Starlord and Baby Groot meet here at Walt Disney World. Groot is the cutest!

Star Lord

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Passion TN

Follow Your Passion?

so good they can’t ignore you

So Good They Can't Ignore You

I recently read The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey and So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport. I did an entire post on Cal’s other book Deep Work which I really loved. When reading these last two books I decided not to write too many notes because you can visit Chris’s site HERE and and neither really had a lot of solid ideas that I haven’t really talked about before.

For Cal’s book (the title of this) it was a collection of stories based around whether people even “had” a passion and if it was worth it to really keep looking for that one “perfectly passionate” job or if putting in the hard work leads to passion. It was an interesting idea and Cal is a big advocate that following your passion is bad advice. His stories chronicle a lot of successful people who created and built the skills needed for a specific job and the passion for the job followed. He also talks a bit about some of his interviewees who actually did follow their so-believed “passion” (in a risky way) and had failed.

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Wishlist Wednesday – May

where did it go

It’s true, I haven’t posted a Wishlist Wednesday since 2015! The last time I posted one of these I still lived at home and I thought now that I have a pinterest full of things I want to save up and buy for, it would be fun to go back to creating these sometime.

Of course, most of these products are going to be natural and ethical products, but there will also be a lot of “ADULT” things here (I mean like…you know…vacuums, and other fun life-changing things).


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Ethical and Natural Masterpost

what am i doing now

I’ve made a few posts over the last couple months about transitioning to minimalism, natural, non-toxic, and ethical brands and habits. And while I still have a long way to go, I think I’ve made a great deal of progress and have found a lot of great resources along the way that I wanted to share.

But first! Let’s talk about what I’m doing daily to be more environmentally conscious and ethical.

Transitioning to cruelty-free and natural brands: Slowly I’ve been exchanging all of my products to natural and cruelty-free brands as I use up my old things. I recently switched to Josie Maran foundation, and use a lot of ELF products in my daily life. For face wash and cleansing I use shea moisture or Acure branded products. Right now I’m still using up my shampoos, conditioner, and sunscreen before I buy more, but I already have a list of transition brands and some natural products already stocked up once I finish the rest of them. Eventually when I change more items over I’ll make an entire post about my natural product collection.

Kitchen: As I mentioned I always use my fabric grocery bags and recently bought produce bags for all my loose fruits and vegetables. I really want to get into using jars for all of my food instead of rebuying plastic containers, but right now I haven’t found an affordable store that offers loose items. I also finally bought a recycling can and we have been recycling nearly everything now and we are amazed by how many items are actually recyclable. It helps cut down on our trash filling up and since everything is clean, we can leave the recycling for longer or by the door without it leaking food.

Food: I’ve been having issues with Dunkin accepting my Klean Kanteen and with them not making my drinks right so I haven’t been using it as much because I keep getting discouraged, but I will prevail eventually. I’ve also stopped buying cases of water which I used for convenience and have been taking my Klean Kanteen water bottle EVERYWHERE and I love it. It keeps everything cold and doesn’t taste of metal at all. I would like to buy some stasher bags in the next few weeks to replace the ziploc bags in our drawers!

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Comfort Movies

Comfort Movies


As I’m writing this, I’m having a bit of an anxious week. About…pretty much everything and anything. I grew up having extreme anxiety, mostly about things that I couldn’t control. Because if I could control them…well I’d fix it!

I quit a lot of social media as a way to be more productive, but if I’m honest a lot had to do with my anxiety. I’d read things that would make me anxious or sad and it would ruin my day, even though there was nothing I could do to fix it.

I don’t have anxiety nearly as bad nowadays but the way I cope is pretty much the same. Anytime that I’m having a particularly bad day, I spend most of my time in bed and tuning out the rest of the world. I will read, design, take many a shower, or my personal favorite: Watch all my favorite movies.

why and how they work

I love seeing movies in theaters. It’s the most in-depth I can get into a story with zero distractions. I can’t be on my phone, I’m shrouded in darkness, speakers blaring. I was transported and there was nothing else I could think about except what was happening on screen. And while watching movies at home doesn’t have the same in-depth effect, it still helps me tremendously.

Having something to focus on for an extended period allows my brain to stop wondering. And watching my favorite movies re-instills their values, hope, and beauty which I had felt I had lost when I was upset. Plus it’s generally a free remedy since I own all my favorite movies on DVD.

So, which movies do I turn to when I’m feeling particularly terrible?

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Target Natural Beauty Box Review


Hey guys, I’m back today because I recently purchased the Target “Natural” Beauty box from their site. As of late I hadn’t been really doing subscription boxes, just because the waste of products seemed unecessary and since I was steering towards more healthy and natural products, I didn’t want brands that I knew I disliked.

However, Target recently put out their own “natural” beauty box and after looking at a few of the items, I decided to give it a shot. Something that’s been on my mind lately after listening to some podcasts is brands habits of trying to “greenwash” their products. Meaning they make them seem more natural or environmentally friendly with catch words when in reality they’re not much different from any other brands.

That’s not cool and some brands, like Tarte, I’ve learned really don’t have much going for them in the sustainable community. However, looking at a few of the brands in the box, I thought I would give it a try. I usually use Goodguide to debate and decide on certain products, so I will list the rating for each of these as I go…so long as they have them. So let’s get into the box!


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