October Faves


The Flash

The Flash on CW 

I’ve never been a big fan of DC in general, but one of my friends recommended this to me a few months ago and I watched the first episode but never continued. Over the past few weeks I’ve finished off Season 1 and it is really addicting. Grant Gustin is a cutie and I love all the supporting cast as well. While I don’t necessarily think the plot is that strong and the CGI can be cringey, the cast really keep this show going. It also features Carlos Valdes who was originally apart of Starkid, so I feel like I need to support it. Season 1 was wild and I haven’t started the next season but I have really enjoyed this.

Supernatural Season 13

Supernatural Season 13

I keep thinking that they need to end this show but I know in the back of my mind that I will be heartbroken when it is finally finished. I have had strong feelings about each season, but again, the cast keep me coming back, even if the writing is not strong. I’m surprised they still have places left to go, but as long as they do I will be here. I felt that season 12 was pretty strong and so far Season 13 has been a wild ride and I’m enjoying having it to look forward to every week. I’m glad that they have found a nice storyline as I was really hesitant.

It Movie

It 2017

I haven’t seen hardly any movies in theaters lately except IT. And it did not disappoint. I had heard a lot of hype about this movie for awhile and wasn’t necessarily in love with the original when I watched it this year. Again, the cast was incredible, the kids were such strong actors and I was happy that there wasn’t so many jumpscares as there were creepy moments. It lived up to my expectations and it was actually more humorous than I expected. I read the book this year and am excited to see part 2 in the next couple of years.


Mother of All Questions

Unfortunately, I haven’t read a lot of amazing books over the last couple of weeks, but one that I did really enjoy was Rebecca Solnit’s new book on feminism. I enjoyed this one more than Men Explain Things to Me, and it’s a perfect short novel that every modern day feminist would enjoy. I also recommend Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Feminist Manifesto.


Blankets is definitely the best book/graphic novel that I’ve read the past few months. It’s a chunk of a book but I managed to finish it in one sitting. The story takes place in a bitterly cold winter in the midwest. Our story follows a young man growing up with his brother in a highly religious family. Soon he meets his first love at Church Camp and we see him grow through and out of love and break from the bonds of his families religion. Growing up in a particularly religious area of the midwest (though not in those circumstances), this book felt very familiar and the setting took me back to winters at home. I absolutely loved this book.


How You Feeling? – Superfruit

I’ve been a big fan of Pentatonix for awhile, but I am so hyped about Mitch and Scott’s album Future Friends. Every song is a masterpiece, and this is my favorite song and video on the album. It was done in one take and it’s such a jam. I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to their album, but it’s not enough.

Vapor Meditation – The Liturgists 

Before you click play on this one, make sure you’re going into it with an open mind. I personally LOVE music/spoken word tracks because I find them to be so relaxing, spiritual, and inspiring. I am not a religious person, but consider myself pretty spiritual and in-tune with nature and the world. This song popped up on my recs and I listen to it when I’m feeling particularly stressed or angry at the world. It does allude to God and religion in general and their other songs sometimes mention prayer and have a more religious tone but they pretty much are open to all religious and non-religious listeners. I love this because I believe religion does have a purpose for people and as I have posted before, there are a lot of worship songs that I love even if I’m not religious.

ANYWAY. I love this and here is a link to their original song, not the meditation version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOH6qYTOo0c

HEY YA! – Avriel and the Sequoias 

Speaking of Pentatonix! Avi Kaplan used to be a member of the group until he recently left to create his own music and these people are just as talented as a group as they are on their own. Avi recently formed his own band and I really love their cover of Hey Ya by Outkast. It was not what I all expected and I love it.


Kristen Leo YT Channel 

Kristen is so glamorous + vegan + ethical shopper so of course I’m IN LOVE with her. She makes videos about ethical fashion, veganism, companies, and other topics that I love. I personally am a fan of her thrifted looks and this one from Stranger Things is so cute. I also love her Thrifted Rachel from Friends video as well.

And that’s all I have for the past two months! I have mostly been hanging out and working so I’ve just been enjoying my usual faves. See you next time! 

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