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Before we get onto the fun and humorous movie of the month, we’ll start out with some salty tears from Coco. First off, I saw this movie at 11pm, so I was already pretty exhausted after our Thanksgiving feast. Secondly, I was really not expecting to love the Frozen short as much as I did. I knew that I was in for a long night once I started wiping tears away about a snowman.

Coco itself was absolutely astounding. It was visually gorgeous, the music was on point, the voice actor for Miguel was adorable and lovable and all the characters were intriguing and funny. Despite it being fairly obvious now, I did not see the plot twist within the movie and really loved the ending. I wasn’t sure that I was going to cry at all until the last 5 minutes, when you could hear the whole theater gasping and sniffling their noses. This was such a great movie about mexican culture and the day of the dead. I’m so happy that they’ve created such a beautiful film to help represent that culture and I definitely need to go see it again. A 5 star film and my roomates and I agreed that it was on par with Toy Story 3 and I personally felt like it was better than Inside Out!

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok Poster

I’m a Marvel geek nowadays, but I have still found Thor to be one of my least favorite avengers. I remember a few year sago sitting in my bedroom in Kansas watching the original Thor and being completely uninterested to the point where I didn’t remember any of what happened. I recently watched the first Thor again along with the sequel and found myself much more intrigued by the plot and characters. But I definitely did go into this Thor with some hesitation. With my prior experiences of the story and the massive hype from all my friends I wasn’t sure that it could beĀ thatĀ good. I came out pleasantly surprised!

After the end of the second Thor and that very ambigous ending, I was really interested to see whether Loki really was a villain or not, and I love how his character developed in this movie. It’s true that it also had a lot more of a Guardians of the Galaxy feel, with a lot more humor. It was easy to follow, but I did feel a bit disappointed by our new villain. Despite being the main antagonist, she seemed to be in the background of the more intriguing characters. She was supposed to be all-powerful, but she was really just lackluster and behind the scenes, especially with the inclusion of Hulk. Not to mention that Thor spends half his time not even in Asgard.

Regardless, I still laughed a good bit, enjoyed our main characters, and thank goodness Thor gets a new head of hair!


this is me – keala settle

The first video is the full song by Keala Settle, the second is the trailer for the movie The Greatest Showman. I’ve seen this trailer a few times at the theater and on youtube over the past month and it looks pretty interesting and promising. I was going through my discover weekly this week and this song came up before I realized I had heard it before. The music was done by Pasek and Paul who are most well known for “City of Stars” and the music of “Dear Evan Hansen” so I’m not surprised that I love it. It’s empowering, fun, and gorgeous.

Amazing Grace (Ft. Alex Boye) – The Five Strings

I don’t know what it is with me and religious music lately. I mean, I like the song Amazing Grace in general, but this one was a pretty sick jam when it came up on my spotify last week. It’s performed by the Five Strings which are a family band from Utah and I am impressed! I also love Alex Boye’s voice and the whole rendition of this song because it’s so upbeat, fun, and reminds me a bit of Jonsi. I love some good, fast-paced, inspo music.

remember me – MIguel & Natalia Lafourcade

I can’t really write about Coco without talking about the music which was incredible. I listened to the soundtrack before I saw the movie, but now that I HAVE seen the movie it makes it all the more beautiful and interesting. I love Miguel’s voice in the movie, but I particularly like this version for the soundtrack. I also really love the warm tones in this video.

most girls – hailie steinfeld

This song slays my feminist heart. I don’t really listen to Hailee Steinfeld, but again, once this came up on my discover weekly I was jamming. I don’t really have to explain what’s so great about this song or this video. She’s slaying it in all ways and preaching that equality and love for girls all at once and I’m on that train.


pela compostable case

Pela Case

I actually purchased this last month but then never reviewed it. I purchased this after I saw Alli Cherry post about her eco-friendly phone case and when my D-tech Peter Pan one started to tear apart. Pela cases are environmentally friendly, compostable, and made from natural materials. They’re soft, bendable, protective, and beautiful. I purchased mine is a Rose color, but I would suggest buying a darker case because I have had a lot of blue rub off onto the sides of the case from my jeans, which is a bit of a bummer. However, this case has done an excellent job of protecting my phone and since it has a raised edge around the screen, it lands on the case rather than the phone. Other than the minor blue tint that it’s acquired, it’s been great.

Once it’s gotten too old or used, you can put the phone case in your compost or mail it back to Pela so they can recycle it. I’ll definitely be buying another one in the future, probably the dark purple one. It’s great to find a good quality case that’s also good for the environment!

meaghan mercy prints

Meaghan Mercy Prints

I’ll hype this girl for years. You can find Meaghan’s Blog HERE and definitely message her for any art print needs, this is the third time I’ve asked her to make a custom print for me for Christmas and they all turn out BEAUTIFUL. She is so talented and can take anything and make it astounding.(I mean my quick clipart idea, was definitely not good). She does this all by hand and she has gorgeous calligraphy skills. This was actually for a friend for Christmas, which is why this post was so late, because I couldn’t really publish it until after I gifted it.


headspace app

Headspace App

I’m not one to pay for apps, but since I decided to start some of my Impossible List Challenges, I thought a little extra motivation would help me along the way. My main goals were to read 25 pages and do yoga everyday for 100 days but I’ve also thrown in another challenge which is to meditate everyday as well. I’ve already missed a few here and there, but having this app keeps me a little more accountable since I’m paying for it.

You can purchase it monthly, yearly, or a lifetime pass, and they have a range of different meditation basics and specific ones focused on stress, nightime, or other issues. I’ve noticed some days are harder and some easier, and while I like the app, I do feel like a lot of the basics are too similar everyday to be worth the money. However, maybe once I get passed the second set of basics, I might find it to be more useful.

cirque du soleil: La Nouba

Cirque La Nouba

This is a show that’s been going on at Disney Springs/Downtown Disney since 1998. It’s unfortunately closing this December for a replacement (who knows what?) and so they had cast tickets on sale for 60% off. I’ve never seen a Cirque show at all and despite how many times I’ve visited on vacation we never booked tickets.

So finally, my roommate and I purchased some a few weeks before they closed and I absolutely loved it. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was really astounded by the technical and creative aspects of the show and now I’m so sad that it’s leaving, however I’m excited for whatever is replacing it. As long as it’s not…you know…sports related.

so many great things this november, but i’m even more excited for november. We’ll be seeing last jedi, I’m going home for a week, and it’s our candlelight processional with neil patrick harris. not to mention Christmas! see you then!

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