Digital Art

Welcome to my Digital Art Page! You’ll find just a few of my designs below but you may find all the high-resolution designs here in my flickr design album! All of the elements are created by myself or are used with permission from creators on Deviantart. 

One project that I’ve really enjoyed working on so far is my Disney Costumes set. I created the first costume (the “blueberry”) a month or so after I returned from working at Disney. I, myself, was a blueberry while working in Backlands Merchandise at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. After I created my own costume, my friends were eager for me to create their own and I continued the project.

Other designs I’ve created include some “#CM” posters which document some of the most frequent questions Cast Members are asked at Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts. I’ve also created multiple fan edits including Doctor Who and some other odds and ends graphics.