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Since I’m a new plant Mom, I thought it would be fun to chronicle my journey into gardening this Spring and Summer! Living in warm Florida, has made it so much easier to keep plants alive, but living in an apartment has made it a lot more difficult to find space. Right now I have a couple of plants growing and and a few flowers from Trader Joe’s that are coming to the end of their life.

Kalanchoe // Alfredo 

I bought this Kalanchoe plant from Flower and Garden at Epcot last year in 2016. I really didn’t know if it would grow very well, but they were set up in sterile containers to make it easier. A kalanchoe is a type of succulent which is great for Florida because it’s so hot and they don’t need a lot of water. I put the plant in a small cup in front of my window for a couple weeks before moving it to a larger pot. After only a few weeks it was even bigger and had to be moved to a real flower pot.

I think it has finished growing for now, it’s not flowered, but apparently it’s supposed to be kept in the dark for long periods of time in order to stimulate growth. I don’t really care too much whether it flowers or not so for now it just sits on my desk in front of my window. I’ve named him Alfredo simply because I can.

Trader Joe’s

I actually cannot remember what these flowers were called but I picked them up a couple days ago because I wanted to put them in my room. They’ve lasted a couple days and they’re rainforest alliance certified. It also comes with flower food to put in the water and they smell wonderful. They’ll probably only last a few more days as the petals are already starting to wilt, but I definitely want to keep getting flowers for the house. These stay inside by a window but not in direct sunlight. I also picked up some Sunflowers from Trader Joe’s after the ones above had wilted.


Gladiolus 2

These plants I actually bought in bulbs at the Dollar Tree for…$1! I planted 3 or 4 each in two flower pots but I’m wondering if it’s going to be big enough. According to the package, they should be fine, but I’m worried. The pot above is growing really well, but in the other pot, they are just starting to break the soil. They were all planted at the same time so we will see. They sit out on our balcony in the sun and they don’t need watered very often either. The ones I picked up are multiple different colors like the package. I am a little worried because they are turning a brownish color so I’m hoping the roots haven’t rotted.


I picked these up from the Dollar Tree as well on a separate day. It was quite a big box and was more for planting in a garden but the box said it would be ok for containers as well. I just recently spread some of the seeds into the orange pot and they are sprouting a bit!


I picked up a packet of these seeds from Target after I had to buy mint for some drinks we were making and I thought it would be more fun and cheaper to just plant our own! These are also more for large containers, but said it would be ok in a small pot. These haven’t sprouted yet either, so we’re just waiting. I’m hoping I didn’t overwater them.

sunflowers & Wildflowers

I bought these from Target as well and they were just seeds but I had to wait until I got a larger container because it said for 2 foot wide or bigger. I love Sunflowers and of course they remind me of Kansas! The wildflowers are also from the Dollar Tree.


Our balcony is kind of a mess right now. Meaning we have a table, 4 chairs, and all my plants were originally just sitting there. Between when I started this post and now, I actually bought a small stand for the deck from target that works fairly well. It’s pretty cheap but I just wanted to get my plants off the table so we could use it!

We’re looking to get some lights, a rug, and chair pads as well so we can utilize the deck more often, particularly in the morning and at night when it’s cooler. I’m excited to update this as it goes along this summer!

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