Valley of Mo'ara

Exploring the World of Pandora

Valley of Mo’Ara

I realized this morning that I’ve never posted anything about Pandora either here or on my youtube channel since the land opened at Animal Kingdom. Mostly because everytime I’ve been it’s either incredibly crowded or too rainy to bring my camera. But I’ve come to change all that because I do have a few pictures from this beautiful land that I would love to show you! First of all make sure you guys check out my flickr HERE to see all these beautiful photos in hi-res!

I’d like to give a shoutout to my beautiful friend and roommate Celine who helped open this incredible world to Animal Kingdom. She’s a complete boss and I’m so proud of her. Therefore a lot of these photos are of her in and her homeland.

Valley of Mo'ara 8

 Valley of Mo'ara 7

Valley of Mo'ara 6

music + food + sights

I have to admit before Pandora opened that I wasn’t all that excited. I watched Avatar a few nights before opening with my roommates because I had never seen it and ended up falling asleep. The CGI was beautiful and I understood the story but the Navi did creep me out just a little bit and I wasn’t too invested. Therefore I wasn’t completely in love with the idea of this world or knew much about it. But I have to say that they really transformed this tiny space into something amazing and Flight of Passage is definitely the best ride on Disney property.

Valley of Mo'ara 4 Valley of Mo'ara 2 Valley of Mo'ara 3

Valley of Mo'ara

One of my other favorite things about this area is the lack of music. I believe it has an outdoor soundtrack that plays, but doesn’t actively play music. You can hear the waterfalls and all the creatures in Mo’ara and it’s interestingly quiet and relaxing. Another thing I love is the food. Satuli’ Canteen has some of the best food on property and when using the mobile ordering it’s incredibly quick. I love that they have a tofu option and their desserts are delicious!

Pongu Pongu + windtraders

Speaking of food, there is also Pongu Pongu that serves both non and alcoholic drinks. Hillary let me finish her Night Blossom while we were there which is a mixture of minute maid limeade with apple and desert pear flavors topped with passion fruit boba balls. It’s tasty!

Night Blossom  Avatar Windtraders


Banshee Plush

Their shop, Windtraders, is beautifully designed as well and houses all the merchandise perfectly. I love all the details and even though I don’t necessarily want to purchase Avatar themed products, it does a good job of making me think I need something. The smell of Pandora is also another fun and interesting addition. Hillary actually has a candle that smells a bit like the Flight of Passage queue line.

Bioluminescence @ Night

But the absolute best part of Pandora: World of Avatar, is visiting at night. Around 8pm every summer the sun sets and the bioluminesent plants come to life. It’s absolutely gorgeous and paired with the night breeze and cooling down of the day it’s a perfect spot to hang out at night. Plus it allows for some nice pictures!

Pandora @ Night Bioluminescence Hillary

I hope to have a vlog up soon from Pandora and hopefully return to take more pictures when it gets a bit cooler out! Let me know if you’ve been to Pandora and what your favorite things are about the land! 

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