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I’ve made a few posts over the last couple months about transitioning to minimalism, natural, non-toxic, and ethical brands and habits. And while I still have a long way to go, I think I’ve made a great deal of progress and have found a lot of great resources along the way that I wanted to share.

But first! Let’s talk about what I’m doing daily to be more environmentally conscious and ethical.

Transitioning to cruelty-free and natural brands: Slowly I’ve been exchanging all of my products to natural and cruelty-free brands as I use up my old things. I recently switched to Josie Maran foundation, and use a lot of ELF products in my daily life. For face wash and cleansing I use shea moisture or Acure branded products. Right now I’m still using up my shampoos, conditioner, and sunscreen before I buy more, but I already have a list of transition brands and some natural products already stocked up once I finish the rest of them. Eventually when I change more items over I’ll make an entire post about my natural product collection.

Kitchen: As I mentioned I always use my fabric grocery bags and recently bought produce bags for all my loose fruits and vegetables. I really want to get into using jars for all of my food instead of rebuying plastic containers, but right now I haven’t found an affordable store that offers loose items. I also finally bought a recycling can and we have been recycling nearly everything now and we are amazed by how many items are actually recyclable. It helps cut down on our trash filling up and since everything is clean, we can leave the recycling for longer or by the door without it leaking food.

Food: I’ve been having issues with Dunkin accepting my Klean Kanteen and with them not making my drinks right so I haven’t been using it as much because I keep getting discouraged, but I will prevail eventually. I’ve also stopped buying cases of water which I used for convenience and have been taking my Klean Kanteen water bottle EVERYWHERE and I love it. It keeps everything cold and doesn’t taste of metal at all. I would like to buy some stasher bags in the next few weeks to replace the ziploc bags in our drawers!

Clothing: I’m actually very proud to say that the only clothing item that I’ve bought was a sunhat to take to the beach which I got at Target a few weeks ago. Otherwise I have bought the rest of my clothes from Goodwill (a few shirts, skirts, and shorts). It’s actually been fairly easy to adhere to this, however I am in the market for some new bras and underwear which I’m afraid are going to turn out to be quite expensive.

Everything else: We have always done a fairly good job at keeping our lights turned off and generally they stay off until nighttime because we get so much natural light in our apartment. I have also been turning the air up during the day and keeping our fans on (idk if that equals out but) as well. I already take fairly quick showers and so I’m not too worried about water consumption. Otherwise I have also bought two more plants for my bedroom that aren’t necessarily related, but I’m hoping they are cleaning the air a bit and they look great!



Now that I’ve talked about everything that I’ve been doing lately, I wanted to give you guys the resources that I use almost daily or when learning about new ethical and natural news. FYI: I’ve mentioned a lot of these resources in separate posts so some will be repeats.


Crueltyfreekitty: This was the first site I landed when I started transitioning to cruelty-free products. It’s a great resource but it’s important to know that not every brand mentioned is really environmentally great or natural at all. The site focuses on brands that DON’T animal test, which is super important, and some are natural, but not everything. However this is a GREAT resource and has great blog posts.

MyGreenCloset: I would check out Erin’s youtube channel first, because that’s where I consume most of her content. I found her channel when I was getting into ethical and natural fabrics and clothing. She talks a lot about capsule wardrobes and how to find ethical clothing brands. She has a lot of great info about more than just clothing as well.

Goodguide: I use this for deciding what kind of beauty and cosmetic products I want to purchase because they have most brands on their site and list the items from best to worst rating. It also gives you every ingredient in certain products and how dangerous they are for you. If I can’t decide between two brands it’s helpful or if I want to figure out how my original products stack up, it’s a great resource that I love. It doesn’t have every brand which is kind of a bummer but it does have most.

TheBlissfulMind: Catherine’s website isn’t just about ethical and natural living, but about self-care, exercise, and holistic health. Her posts are great and so aesthetically pleasing but a lot of what she posts has to do with natural and cruelty-free brands along with minimalism and capsule wardrobes.

iHerb:  I’ve actually never ordered from iHerb before but everytime I see it recommended or I visit the site, I want to. It’s a great resource for natural and ethical products and they offer free shipping in the US for orders over $35. If you don’t have access to a store that carries natural products, you can order them for about the same price on iHerb. I definitely plan to invest in some products in the next few months from this site!

youtube channels

CamandNinaI feel like Cam and Nina are the ultimate power couple and they are my absolute favorite channel despite the fact they haven’t been posting a lot (to my sadness) lately. They’re a vegan couple living in Australia (for now, I believe) and while they post a lot of great vegan recipes I personally love their short videos about self-love and caring for the earth. Their videos always remind me to be more mindful and treat the planet with more care and appreciate everything about Earth.

AlliCherry: Alli is a graphic designer from California whose videos focus on zero-waste and natural and ethical products. She has great tips on how to transition to a zero-waste lifestyle and also has a few videos over capsule wardrobes. She’s a conscious consumer and doesn’t participate in the fast fashion industry. Her and her husband are great filmmakers and I really love her videos.

JennyMustard: Jenny and her husband are vegan minimalists from Berlin who make really aesthetically pleasing videos with tips about all of the above. Jenny has some of the most amazing style and I love how unique and positive she is in all of her videos.


JusttheEssentials: This is a book that I read recently that I really enjoyed considering I knew nothing about Essential Oils. If you are looking to get into the topic and have a brief overview, I’d suggest stepping into this one. A lot of it has recipes that I took pictures of for later, but it’s a short and informational read.

TheCuratedCloset: Another book that spoke to my aesthetic soul. This was an amazing book about creating a closet that you love through ethical means and minimalism. This is a really short and simple book that I loved and would love to read again soon. Definitely check this out at the library.


TheChasingJoyPodcast: Again, Georgie isn’t always and completely about natural and ethical products, but she mostly does interviews with people of the same idea. It is all about self-care and her and her interviewees talk a lot about routines and wellness tips. She only has a handful of episodes right now, but they are really chill to listen to and gives some great ideas.

LivePlanted: I have only listened to Alli Cherry’s interview on this podcast (which is how I found out about it) but it’s all about veganism, environmentalism, and wellness. I definitely want to check out more episodes.

ConsciousChatter: I’ve only listened to a few of these episodes because they are quite long and REALLY in depth when it comes to ethical clothing. Kestrel interviews all types of people in the ethical fashion industry and they talk about everything from fair trade, natural dyes, sustainability, zero waste, and textile waste. Right now it’s a little too indepth for me as I’m slowly transitioning but it contains SO much info that I really need to get into.

Next steps

And that’s about it! I will definitely come back and update this post as I find more and more resources that I love so keep this page bookmarked for the future if you would like. Something that I think is important is not to overwhelm yourself with information. When you consume all the information at once it’s hard to feel like you can do anything. Making small changes at a small pace is the easiest way to begin a habit.

Switch over you grocery bags one week, then produce bags, then buy a water bottle, then every week or month find a cosmetic item to transition to an ethical brand, etc. For me, the biggest impacts I have seen came from beginning to recycle and buying a really great water bottle. Recycling makes you think specifically about the products you’re using, and an excellent water bottle can change your life.

And as always you guys can check out my Pinterest HERE where you can find an ethical clothing and ethical products board. If you guys are doing anything to support the environment or have any cruelty-free and natural brands you love, let me know!

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