Curated Closet Update – Thrift Store Finds

eco-friendly finds

Hey guys, welcome back! This is an update on my Curated Closet post to show you guys all of the clothing that I have bought this year from thrift stores like Goodwill. I love shopping second-hand because you have a ton of different options and can find some really cute and classic pieces. I also love it because of the price, and of course, because it creates less textile waste.

Shopping second-hand cuts down on consumerism and lends itself to slow fashion. Since I started becoming more aware of my shopping habits, I’ve only purchased one or two items from department stores like Target, usually because I needed something last minute. Forewarning: I’m a big fan of stripes! I also know that this setup doesn’t really do the clothing justice, but rest assured I tried all these on and really love their shapes on me. But let’s get on to the clothing!

fabrics & Stores

I wanted to list the fabrics that these clothes are made out of too, as I’ve just started to understand more what type of fabrics are included in mass produced clothing. Obviously, organic cotton is the most environmental type of fabric and polyester and Rayon are some of the worst. My least favorite clothing are 100% polyester, which is what the bottom tank top is made from. Polyester has no stretch and really doesn’t have any shape to it. My favorite clothes are made out of 100% cotton like the Merona t-shirts.

All of these items came from Goodwill except for the Purple Rock Steady Skirt that I purchased pre-owned on Ebay. That’s another great way to purchase items you love, but in a more environmentally and probably cheaper way.

My favorite bottoms that I have purchased is is the cotton-denim skirt, or the sunflower skirt. Both are perfect styles for me and vary in their designs but also match up with neutral tops. As I mentioned in my last post, I H A T E dresses. My favorite outfit is jeans or a skirt with a separate shirt.

My favorite top is definitely the 3/4 sleeve cream Merona shirt, or the multi-colored Tank Top from Sonoma. As you can tell I accidentally got mascara on the tank and haven’t been able to get it out. Both of these items are SUPER comfortable and are nice additions to a Florida wardrobe for those hot and inbetween seasons.

out and about

I didn’t post a picture of these items above, but I recently went to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party with my friends and we decided to do a Newsie inspired outfit. For the outfit I found 3 separate pieces from my local Goodwill and the rest from what was in my closet. It cost me about $10! Here are some of the pieces at work. Professional photos taken by Rachel Dunlop.

on & on

The fast fashion challenge I was participating in has come to an end this summer, but I am fully comitted to continue living an environmentally conscious and slow-fashion lifestyle. I find absolute joy in searching through racks of clothes at thrift stores, looking for my next hit while still being mindful of the size of my wardrobe.

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