I almost never get rid of my books unless I absolutely despise them, but my shelves are starting to get a little full. If I get rid of just a handful, that makes more room for me to buy more and that’s always important.

Disney Wars

James B. Stewart


I bought this book a few years ago before I started working at Disney. I never got very far, mostly because it was so dense and dry. That’s not to say I don’t still love reading books about the company and Walt himself, just that I’m not sure this one interests me as much now that I actually work here. It’s mostly focused on Michael Eisner and Roy Disney and was published in 2006. Quite a bit has happened since then and while it’s important to know your history, I’m just never going to start this one.

The Diviners

Libba Bray


This book come out quite a few years ago and I got it for a great price at Books-A-Million. Unfortunately, while it was just OK I didn’t absolutely love it. I planned on reading the 2nd book when it came out, but it got a cover change and then I just realized I didn’t have much interest in the plot. It featured ghosts, demons, and supernatural powers in the 1920s which sounds absolutely amazing, but it was just a bit lackluster for me so it’s getting unhauled.

The Bone Season

Samantha Shannon


This is the first book in Shannon’s series, which I’ve had for probably 2 years. I have finished it and while the concept is awesome and very sci-fi, it took me forever to read the entire thing. This is another book where I couldn’t just focus on what was happening and some parts were just too dull. I thought it was okay by the end, but I am just never going to pick up the second one because of how long it took me to read the first. It’s a gorgeous cover, but it’s gotta go.

Once Upon a Time: Reawakened

Odette Beane


I purchased this because it was ┬áso cheap and I’m actually glad I did, because I enjoyed this immensely. At the time I was still watching Once Upon a Time and was hooked. This book basically is just a novelization of the first few episodes of the first season and is rather fun to read. It was never shocking because I had seen the entire first season, but it was great to experience it in this format. However, I don’t really watch the show anymore and there isn’t much point for me to hold onto the book.

Ready Player one

Ernest cline


Ahhh, I can hear the riots now. I’ve had this for a year or two and did end up finishing it. Unfortunately, I really didn’t enjoy it nearly as everyone else had. I think the hype was too high for me to ever reach. I found the plot to be dry and the video game concept, awesome, but poorly executed. I’m sure this would turn out better as a movie.

An object of beauty

steve martin


Who knows how long ago I read this book. I actually think I owned this book, got rid of it, and ended up purchasing it again last year. When I read it the first time I absolutely loved it and recommended it to everyone. Once I purchased it again, I just never reread it. At one point the movie was supposed to come out starring Amy Adams, but I haven’t heard anything else about it. I’ve kind of lost interest in the plot and think I’d rather it just be a one time thing so off it goes.

Flights, and Chimes, and mysterious times

emma trevayne


This was a middle grade novel I picked up on bookoutlet a year or so ago. I finished it and felt like it was ok. I had a hard time picturing the world and while a steampuck middle grade sounds awesome, it left me a little bored. The cover is absolutely gorgeous, but I’m never going to read this again, so it’s time to go.

Any books you really need to get rid of but are having a hard time letting go?

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