August Faves TN

August Faves!

it’s that time again folks, here’s what i have been loving and my favorites of august!



I don’t remember watching Ducktales when I was a kid, but living with three Disney-obsessed roommates screaming about David Tennant being Scrooge, I knew that it was on my list. The first episode just recently aired which I linked above and we LOVED it. The theme song is obviously the best part, but I love the animation style, and storyline. It even inspired me to watch some of the older episodes. I’m really excited for this new season to begin.



Thanks to my brother, I’ve abandoned my love on Brooklyn Nine-Nine for a new sitcom: Community. Following a disbarred lawyer returning to community college to earn a real law degree, he finds himself amidst a lovable misfit spanish study group and chaos ensues for these friends. This show is so relatable only recently graduating from college and it’s absolutely hilarious. I love every single character and have already made it halfway through season 2. Definitely a must watch!


Archie Comic

Archie Vol. 1 (2016) – mark waid & fiona staples

I never read Archie comics as a kid or knew much about them as an adult. I had heard of the show Riverdale but didn’t realize it was based on those either until my roommate started talking about how she loved them. Browsing through our online library system I realized that they had revived the old comics with new art and decided to give them a try. I really enjoyed them, especially since Fiona Staples did the first volume (artist from Saga). I’ve read the 3 that have been released so far, and have the 4th on hold. I’m not sure that I’m too interested in the tv show, but the song “I Got You” came on my spotify weekly and I really love it. I’ll link that down in the music section.

Lord of Shadows

Lord of Shadows – Cassandra Clare

I keep thinking that one of these days I WON’T like a Shadowhunter book, but I’ve yet to be proven wrong. While I’m not a huge fan of the plotline of her stories and the romance that ensues, I will continue to devour them as long as my original faves keep making big appearances. I have to say that I’m not really satisfied with the ending of this, and I gave it a 3 star rating, but I will speed-read these books everytime and still enjoy them.


I got you – riverdale cast

It’s so weird to me to see Cole Sprouse acting again, especially as Jughead. I haven’t seen the tv show, and I’ve only read the most recently revived comics which I loved. But this song popped up on my spotify discover and I really enjoyed it.

Human – cinematic pop

HOLY HECK Y’ALL. Spotify kills me sometimes with their recs because this showed up on shuffle one day and I thought I had gone to heaven it was amazing. Cinematic pop creates music same as their name. They take pop songs and put them to an orchestra and choir and it’s absolutely insane. Human is my favorite of theirs right now but I also love their Sail cover as well. Considering I spend about 50% of my time listening to soundtrack music, this appeals to my soul.




I signed up for skillshare after one of my most-watched creators were sponsored by them and they were offering a 2 month free trial. I’ve absolutely loved it so far and have learned so much about mobile photography and other photography. I originally signed up to see if I could learn more about cooking but found even more offerings. I like that their classes range from 20minutes to 7 hours and you can pick anything that you want. It’s only $10 a month and I’m definitely considering extending my subscription once my free trial is over.

night schedules

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party is starting the week that I’m writing this and I’m SO. FRICKIN’. EXCITED. That also means that on my newest bid I’ve changed my schedule from mornings to evenings. I’ve slowly been moving my sleeping schedule and am realizing that this is probably better for me altogether. I do my best mental work in the mornings and might as well be at work at night and force myself to be awake, otherwise I’d be falling asleep on the couch at 7am. I’ve also realized that while getting off early feels nice, I’m too tired to do anything after work. I think these night schedules are going to work out perfectly for me.


hoopla @ the library

We didn’t have this back in Kansas, but here in Orlando the library system offers an app called Hoopla which offers online media. I downloaded it before my trip home and have watched three movies, read 4 comics, and downloaded some other items. You can checkout up to 15 items per month and you can download them to your Ipad for offline use as well. They don’t have a ton of really popular items but that’s how I read the Archie Comics, Sex Criminals, and I noticed they also had Saga. From the movies I watched High-Rise, Duck Tales, and The Librarian: Quest for the Spear.

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