April Faves

April Faves

The Little Prince

The Little Prince Movie The Little Prince Design

This is what Springboarded the whole April post because I watched the Netflix original movie of this a few months back and was crying by the end of it. Afterwards I knew I wanted to read the book which only took me about 30 minutes. The book and movie are both amazing, gorgeous, heart-wrenching, and inspiring. The animation from the movie is absolutely incredible and if you have a spare 2 hours please allow yourself to watch this movie. It’s also full of amazing quotes like the one above.

the beach

Growing up in landlocked Kansas, this is pretty much a given for me. We visited Clearwater with some of our friends a few days ago (small vlog to come) and I had a great time. Other than getting totally toast, laying on the sand listening to the water was one of the most relaxing moments I’ve had this year. I rode the waves with Hillary and we just drifted in the salty sea for awhile. The Ocean has always amazed and scared me. To have such a large piece of the world at your feet. The sand was so soft and it wasn’t too crowded the day we went either.

youtube channels


I think the one thing people would be most surprised about me is that I have a really deep interest and love for horror video games. A lot of my time is spent watching Let’s Plays of horror and other genre video games. I don’t ever play them myself, but 80% of my entertainment comes from that part of youtube. Jerejoe is currently my favorite gamer. I think he’s funny and authentic which is hard to find in the competitive field of youtube.


I live at Disney, you would think that I wouldn’t need to watch vlogs of people GOING TO DISNEY, yet I do. I love Tim’s videos, he and his wife seem super fun and sweet. Brian actually met them at work one day and said they’re super nice. I like to follow their adventures because it gives us good ideas on places we’d like to visit and see things at Disney we wouldn’t normally do.


The Chasing Joy Podcast

This one is relatively new so there aren’t too many episodes, but I LOVE the ones I’ve listened to. I’m all about being inspired at every second so, check this out for some self-love.

Listen Money Matters

This goes on my list every month because I love finance. Thomas and Andrew are hilarious and make finance easy and completely adaptable and accessible. They’re also both fairly young but live different lives so it appeals to many people.

College Info Geek 

This is my FAVORITE podcast ever. I mentioned Thomas’ youtube channel last month, but his podcast with Martin is great for students and adults. There are 150 episodes so you can find a variety of topics and I’ve probably listened to all of them. As of late they’ve been doing Q&As every week, most of which are helpful for anyone. I’ve gotten so much value out of their episodes.

Food Heaven Podcast

Wendy and Jess are dieticians and best friends and their podcast is so chill and fun. They have a cookbook out that you can buy as well but their podcasts hit on a variety of topics that don’t center around food as well. They also have a lot of great information and podcasts specifically focused on black women and their health as well which is really great!


Nvr Stp – Mosaic MSC 

Funny enough, considering my last post, Mosaic is a Christian worship band. They came on my discover weekly and I didn’t originally connect them as a worship band. I really enjoy their all of the music they have produced so far, despite not being religious. If you’re looking for other worship bands I also really like For King and Country.

Hand of God – Jon Bellion 

I LOVE Jon Bellion. I have been obsessed with his last two albums over the last few years and I could listen to them for a year straight and never get tired of it. His songs have a great variety and his sound is dance-worthy while still having great lyrics. His popular song “All Time Low” is on the radio all the time but I personally like the above song the best on his new album.

Where Do You Run & Oh My Love – The Score

The song from the video above is actually fairly old and it came up on my discover weekly about a year and a half ago and I was in love with it for a long time. I recently found their other song “Where Do You Run” recently and it’s just as great. I really love the music video above so I wanted to talk about both but at least use this video. They’re a great indie band from California!


I really liked my friend, Meaghan’s idea for an inspiration section in her March faves so I’m stealing it! My favorite instagrams right now:

@thelittleflowerpetal @jennymustard @ninamontagne

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