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Fall-Filled week @ Disneyland

It may have happened over a month ago, and I may be super late, but it was still totally AWESOME!

After moving into an apartment with 3 of my friends after my CP it’s become sort of a family tradition for us to go to Disneyland every year now (apparently). It began in October 2016 with Celine and Brian’s first ever trip, and then as the Fall months came back around we started to get antsy to head back to the better Disney park, so we packed up our bags and headed back a little bit earlier in the year. 

First off I’d like to give a shoutout to Marriot Townplace Suites in Anaheim for hooking us up with a sick room. Their pull out sofas are even more comfortable than their beds and the extra kitchen is great for keeping our cheap snacks park ready. Plus their Anaheim Bus system is excellent for the price. Make sure you guys check them out if you’re looking for an affordable place to stay. 

Halloween BalloonsBrian ToontownCastle Photo

We stayed for 4 days at the beginning of the Halloween season so it was a bit more crowded this year, but the weather was absolutely gorgeous, ranging from 72-90 throughout the day. This year we spent more time taking photos and enjoying our favorite rides and atmosphere than trying to see everything.

                   Paradise Pier                                               Brian & Celine FW

We didn’t attend any Halloween Parties, but we did get to try out the new MaxPass system which was amazing! For $10 a day per person you are able to book your ride fastpasses on the Disneyland app and it includes ALL your photopass pictures from that day. What a deal! We only had one minor bump with purchasing it on our last day, but it was solved quickly and worked great. We were able to ride our favorite ride (Guardians) 7 times during the trip and were able to do all the other big ticket rides without rushing or any hassle. It was super convenient and easy to use.

Hillary DL Magical Map Rapunzel

The feel of Disneyland is so different from that of Walt Disney World. It’s relaxed, people aren’t rushed to get anywhere, and it does have a more local feel. Half of the people we saw were mostly annual passholders and we actually ran into a family twice that were so pleasant. The decorations for the parks were beautiful and I’m glad to see they expanded Halloween over into Disney’s California Adventure. 

Gamora GOTG Dance Off

Speaking of California Adventure, I will say that I was absolutely impressed by Misison: Breakout. I can fully say that I think it is superior to Tower of Terror. However, considering my love for Marvel and especially GOTG, I’m pretty bias. We also stopped outside to see the Dance-Off and it was one of my favorite parts of the trip. Hillary was chosen to dance on stage, and Celine was pulled in for a brief second by Star-Lord. It was so upbeat and fun, I wish we had seen a second show! 

Mickey Cove Bar

Not to mention, Mickey had a GREAT time at the Cove Bar this trip! We also just found out that the Cove Bar will be closing and be rethemed for the new Pixar Pier which we are VERY salty about, and I don’t think I can discuss it without getting upset, so we’ll move along.

World of Color

And of course, to end, the best show of all shows: World of Color. We saw this show twice, both in front row because it is our all time favorite. The color, the lights, the technical aspect, the music, it’s gorgeous. I get emotional every time. PLUS, and I’m not lying: Brian won the Fun Wheel Game before the show started which I really thought was fake because he would be so fast and still lose. But I was proven wrong! We took a snapchat video to prove it, it was one of the most exciting parts of the trip.

You can view my FULL 218-some Flickr Album of our Disneyland Trip HERE!

I got to take some beautiful pictures of this trip and I’m so proud of them, so make sure you check them out. If you guys have any questions about your own Disneyland trip, let me know! And if you’re more of a vlog-type of person, check out my roommate Hillary’s Vlog Channel with all our Disneyland videos! Here is one from DCA:

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