Epcot - About Me Hi, I’m Kayla! A 24-year old graphic communications graduate from Kansas. I have a Bachelor of Science Technology Degree in Web, Digital, and Interactive Media with a minor in Marketing.

I’ve worked 2 jobs my entire life. One as a librarian at my hometown library for 4 years and one as a Cast Member at Walt Disney World. I’ve completed 2 college programs and currently work as a statuses Cast Member at Magic Kingdom.

Here you will find my personal photos and projects, design work, book reviews, and stay up to date on my travels and any other clever things. I have a deep passion for self-improvement and sustainability. 

I love many thing including reading, rainy afternoons, running half-marathons, photography, youtube, gaming, musicals, and trying to keep all my plants alive. Welcome to my life.


Check out my flickr here: cm_kayla

Check out my resume page for more information!   

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