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4th of July – Disney Style

photography vs vlogging

I have to say that between the two I’m not sure which I enjoy more. If you guys didn’t know I still run my youtube channel HERE which you can check out if you’d like. I have a few vlogs up from Disney but recently most of them have been about BOOKS! And when my entire apartment had off for 4th of July I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to take photos, film, or both.

I ended up having to choose just because it was such a hot day filled with shenanigans that I really didn’t want to have to keep switching my lenses. If you didn’t know I only own my kit lens + a 50mm portrait lens and switching them back and forth is a pain and not something I’d like to subject my camera to all day long.

As per usual, I opted for photos! So if you’d like to check out our vlog from that day, make sure to keep an eye on HILLARY’S channel for that video soon.

Getting patriotic

Kayla in front of Spaceship Earth

Hillary Vlogging

CJ & Kayla Spaceship Earth

We started our day around 12pm because we knew it was going to be mega hot and we were RIGHT. By the time we made it through the turnstyles we were already sweating. We met up with our friend CJ and some of her roommates and had a small photoshoot. 

CJ AA Amigos AA Schuyler Sisters AA

Our main goals for the day was to catch some of our favorite characters in their patriotic gear, see voices of liberty inside the rotunda and their 4th of July show onstage, and then of course catch the fireworks finale. First stop was definitely food. 

Brian Celine AA  CJ Pretzel Kayla AA

The rotunda was completely crowded so we barely could see Voices of Liberty and it sounded so much worse outside the center of the room, we realized. But the show was still amazing and then we headed in to watch the American Adventure which really threw down some truths about how many terrible things America has done. lol. We also went to see the outdoor 4th of July show by Voices of Liberty and they absolutely killed it. If you guys didn’t know some of the singers from Voices are actually in another Orlando group called Voctave. They do a lot of Disney covers and I love them so check it out! 

Celine Hillary AA Hillary Fireworks Pre  Fans Amigos Girls + Mickey

We stood in line for about 45 minutes to see if we could catch Mickey, Goofy, and Pluto in their cute colonial outfits. After taking pictures with Mickey they called the characters in for lightning in the area. We waited about 10 minutes and realized they probably weren’t coming back out for awhile so we went to get more food. Thank goodness we got to see Mickey! Plus the nice DVC cast member was handing out Polynesian fans which were desperately needed. 

It was around 6 by this point and we had gotten wind that people were starting to line up for the 9pm fireworks. We wanted to watch them from the Mexico/Norway Pavilion so we started heading over to see the situation. When we got there CJ’s roommates had grabbed a spot by the fence so we filled in around and thus began our 3 hour wait. It was cloudy by this point so it wasn’t too hot and I spent my time looking up how to shoot fireworks. We slowly gathered more friends from work and chatted away before the show started. 

iIlluminations 5 iIlluminations 4 iIlluminations 2

And it was absolutely incredible! I got some amazing shots for my first time and the fireworks finale was incredible. The entire ground was shaking and I didn’t know if I’d still have my hearing by the end. Afterwards we beelined it out of the park since it had been so packed. Luckily we were parked near an exit and made it home within 20 minutes. The year before Hillary, Celine, and Brian sat in traffic for nearly 2 hours trying to get home. 

Extra: While we were stopping for food in the Japan Pavilion I ended up purchasing a fan from the store and I cannot say how much it helped. I don’t know why I never thought investing in one before but it’s super cute, lightweight, and doesn’t make you work a lot to keep yourself cool. If you’re looking for a cheap alternative that never runs out of power, I’d suggest it! 

And thus ends our 4th of July tale. I’ll make sure and update this post when Hillary’s vlog goes live. I took many more photos so make sure and check out my Flickr HERE if you’re interested!

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